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  • Reminds me of the BV 141:
  • Kinda asymmetric, or is it just me.
  • Good points Krzysztof. I guess I meant it "looks" simple!
  • Aha! Deep stall and an airbag - woohoo! Anyone tried deep stall with an EasyStar?

    Thanks Varga :-)
  • T3
    Skylark lands on inflatable bag filled up probably by CO2 pellets. Probably the only way for rocky fields. This is FAR from simplicity, and flight preparation of course requires folding the bag. So from civilian point of view, when one mission was not where you wanted, you should repeat it quick while the lighting is good, yet it is not overly simple with inflatable bag.

    Second, I don't know where do you see this simplicity as obviously you need very good quality wing mounting, very good quality fiberglass between the pod and the fuselage, at the end you will find in practice you just cannot get ANY hotliner + attach a large pod and fly, the wing structure will be failing in the worst place.

    It might look as easy as fitting PET bottle on a scotch but is not working even for Cularis (well it works, but only once).
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