I stumbled upon this and thought others may think it's interesting as well...



Who knew the SP guys had competitions where they race around a triangle pattern of GPS coordinates? View results on Google Earth, get addional details from the plane to the ground station... Lots more.

Sounds fun but it's a little pricey.



The equipment seems like it would be very easy to adapt to UAVs...

For additional details check the link below.

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    Yea... Palm, PocketPC, and one of those little Toshiba min-palmtop computers that runs Win98... If I just had something to do with them...
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    Hey Brian , finally you found some use for those box full of palms :)).
    @ Marc, thanks , the code will surely be appreciated.. kindly post them once you have tested with small wiki if possible.. Thanks for sharing.
    @ Michael, thanks for the info , do you have any confirmed lead on the freq? 433 MHz is not exactly HF which is where confusion started( mine), 433MHz makes sense.
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    Marc, that's cool. I've clenched onto my palm m105 for years waiting for something to do with it... They are POS 3.51.. Also have a PocketPC...
  • I wrote a PocketPC interface for a cheap chinese radio but most find the PocketPC's are too hard to see in direct sunlight, someone also wrote a Palm version and it is easier to read but with lower resolution. I'm finishing up a ground station for the Palm this week and will post code,files etc. when done. I'm using a Palm Vx TTL/RS232 level shifter, LiPo, and Xbee. The software is written using HandHeld basic, they have a free version. I've got a small bracket that attaches the Palm to my radio so I always have it near, and using the prototype for flight testing has been easier than using a laptop when I'm fly solo. The touch screen makes for a nice interface. Any Palm running OS 3.5 or higher will work but you'll need to build your own cable, and your model needs to have a serial port. I prefer using the older models like V Vx as they are easy to come by on eBay for cheap$.
  • They don't exactly say which RF module is used between the plane and the ground station, but it is a 433 Mhz ISM type transmitter, with channel selection.
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    Bluetooth link from ipaq (or smartphone) to the ground radio... Still can't find details on "HF" module.
  • 'these RC guys' - and they would be who exactly?
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    looks like it from size of antenna but it is no HF ;)
    only FCC ID T9JRN41-1 in pic reveals interesting blue tooth for GCS info may be I got the FCC ID wrong :(
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    I couldn't find that info, I suspect 900mhz.
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    & it is dev 5 years back!! Any idea on HF telemetry module!!? , what freq do they mean by HF and how did they manage to get away if real HF freq ( <30 Mhz) is used?
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