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  • @Ravi


    you talk about this item?


  • how about someone trying a belly protection cover for the skywalker evolution (the same craft shown in video).

  • @ EsdTechnik 

    thank you for your encouragement!

  • nice job Eric.

  • Hi Pascal,

    I think the skywalker is an ideal platform for mapping or other (cost & volum), the more I bring to it is saving space with the battery front cover, it's easier to center the load with the CG, the other things Are easier connections between the wings and the airframe, still a little time and you will know everything.

    Thank you for your comment

  • Hi Eric,

    I love Skywalker platforms. Event38 is obviously on your niche with a 2800 USD and a few interesting stuff like reverse throttle on landing. You are teasing us with a new mapping pack, what would you bring new ?

    All the best !

  • @Pablo

    I will have to market the rtf pack with the drone for under $ 2000, for the battery front cover I still do not know how much I can market it. I keep you informed.

  • Ok, thank you anyways. Do you know the price and when is it going to be in stock?

  • Hello Jason,

    With this solution, we multiply by two the volume available in the interior, this leaves hopes better conditions to take away cameras or other!

  • sorry Pablo,

    I can't share the file, but it will be on sale soon, only the front cover or in in uav mapping pack, my projet it's to sale a uav mapping soluition at reasonable cost, so stay tuned!

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