Skywalker X8 hand injury

3689529051?profile=originalEverytime i launch my X8 it's never any problems. That was until i mounted a bigger propeller. I went from 13x6 to 14x9.5 and my plane "suddenly" went out of my hand much faster than before! The result is a painful hand and a lot of thinking :) Maybe some of you guys should think twice before you hand launch your new X8 or similar...

Now i'm considering several options:

1. Build a catapult

2. Hand launch engine off and throttle up after the wing has left my hand

3. Build a device where i can take off in a 30 deg. angle just by using the propeller power itself?

4. Any other ideas??

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  • Yup!! that was the reason I put a landing gear "First" but now I have a custom made "Meaning I was the designer" launch ramp and bungee cord release system... I mean I never have been a  very strong man! and the idea of having a Polynesian tattoo in my arm is not something I'm looking forth to have.

    I have to say that my set up is a bit complex but I have seen people using the same type of one way hook with a piston inside of a pvc pipe.. but having to bring a heavy compressed air tank is not my thing...

  • Hi!

    I just found this thread. Sorry for the injury.

    I don't have much experience in this UAV and FPV.

    But I have a video on auto takeoff my Talon with Fixhawk flight controller. Launching without powered, then the plane is powered automatically in the air.  But I should run about 10 min and launch the plane.

    I launch another fly wing with pusher all by this auto takeoff method.

    Even I put my radio on the ground, and launch the plane by myself.

  • Admin

    Hmm,  doesn't look right,  is it the right hand ? :)).

    Happy to hear it wasn't that bad.



  • 100KM

    Wow, just enough to remember :)

  • Only 2 small scars left :)

  • Admin

    glad to hear it, a photo of the hand now would  bring some encouragement   :)

  • It's all healed now :)

  • nothing like an industrial accident to get some street credits ~ you rock !

  • After looking at this, I finally build launcher, only one hour of labor and about 20$ in parts

  • Here's a good simple and portable design.

    And we need a squeamish rating for posts :-P

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