Skywalker X8 Honeycomb Composited Material on Sale

     Recently, Skywalker launch New Skywalker X8 that is made of new composite material instead of EPO material, aiming at satisfying customer's needs for professional mapping survey.




You could see the picture of this special material of Skywalker X8. No matter on the aspect of manufacturing technique or intensity, it has total different from former Skywalker X8. To a greater degree, it has improve a lot on flight performance.
I will introduce the specifications of this Skywalker X8(honey comb composite material).

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  • My skype and email is If you have any question, you could contact with me. Thank you!
  • Hello, how are you? What the value? What is your contact? What is your website address? Are you in the US?
  • @Waladi The total frame weight is 1.9kg(KIT + 3 KTS servo).

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    Waladi's Page on DIY Drones
  • Hi Ellen, what is the total frame weight vs the epo version?

  • @Michael I am really sorry that I am so late to reply you and I do not know whether there has someone use this airplane for VTOL.However, I think it is ok for you to design like that.As for X8 EPO version, there has someone use it revise as VTOL.The inner space is bigger than X8 epo, this material is lighter than epo version which fly more stable and looks strong enough.

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    Michael's Page on DIY Drones
  • I am interested in this to make a quad rotor vtol, would you see this as a possibility or have you heard of anyone else doing that with this one being that the control surfaces are so close to the fuselage I wonder if it is able to be done.  I have emailed you for a quote.

  • @Guy Tzoler I have uplaod the test video of Skywalker X8 honeycomb composited material. You could see it under link as below:

  • @ Waladi We do not have video of assembling and dismantle the plane. I think if you work in the mapping survey market, it is not hard for you to install equippment there.

    Also, there are three servos on this honeycomb composited material.two servos between fuselage and wings to control servo on the parachute bay to open parachute.

  • Is there any video how to assemble and dismantle the plane? 

  • @naish We design this inverted winglets but it is ok for landing with parachute. The winglet could disassemble from wings conveniently because it is stuck into wings.

    Also, you could see the picture as below. When it flies, the airplane's winglet is on the down side. When it opens parachute, the airplane will turn upside down. The winglet will on the top side, it will not have influence on hurting winglet.

    Still, it could take off by catapult and lands by parachute. I think it is not bog problem.As  Darrell Burkey said, it is also works and this needs you to DIY to satisfy your needs. Using landing gear to make sure that  would land safely and stably.


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