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  • My skype is My email is

    If you have any question, you could contact with me. Thank you!
  • Ellen  how can I order one plane

  • @ Pascal P You could revise according to your need if you wanna VTOL.

  • I think the market tendency is simple operation (no catapult, no parachute, lightweight wings). And we see more and more Vtols. It seems your nice looking material needs quiet VTOL landing.

  • There are more information of Skywalker X8 honeycomb composited material under below:

  • @Pascal P. Yes, it lands by parachute. When it starts to land, it will turn upside down. So it will not damage winglet.

    It takes off by catapult and landing by parachute. You could see our test video:

  • Thats what i was thinking chute only.. Not a good thing in winds and chase the thing for 1000 yards.. I want to land. 

  • how do you land with winglets downward ? parachute only ?

  • interest could you send me your contact and details (website)?



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