Slow and steady progress, wings cut and mounted

This is taking longer than i thought but happy with progress in the last two weeks or so. I got the wing cores cut (by Glenn at OfftheEdge)and proceeded to wing bag the centre section. This was a disaster as i tried to get too fancy and mylar the top which resulted in a very heavy section, I have since decided to mount the wing either side of the fuse and reduce the wing span by 350mm.So i have now mounted the wings either side of the fuse snd will proceed with the design from there. Next is to figure out how to mount the rear spars into the wing and then cover the wings in fibre glass. And then install airelons, rudders, elevator, and the list goes on.Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App[IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]
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  • Thanks gary, i am planning on making the tail surfaces removable and adjustable in length to allow fine tuning if needed, the main limiting factor is going to be stiffness of the booms with the increased length,
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    Well basically it just means it might be twitchy in pitch but who knows! if you don't build you never know and this way you can test change and test again.

    You might have to be careful when rotating and flaring for prop strikes .The autopilot should be able to handle the pitch, might just be a handful in manual. How does it look in XFLR?




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    I think he means literally the fuse looks short based on the length you said will be sticking out the backside.   But you did say "about"...  I have one in the works and will be watching your build closely... 

  • gary can you explain what you mean please?

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    I would say it looks a little short coupled but time will tell.

  • thanks for the comments, the plane will have a pusher style H tail of about 1 metre long in length sticking out the back which should balance it all up (visually and CG wise). Also the plane is to carry approx 1kg payload of camera out in front of the landing gear.

  • ah yes. all good. that will be fine then :)

  • Looks like this will be a canard-controlled plane with that wing location.

  • Looking good. Those wings look too far back. You may have a lot of CG problems unless you move them forward.
  • like the boat :)

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