Smaller is sometimes better.

So I've built well over a dozen multicopters by now and surprisingly this little 30cm job has turned out to be the most fun out of all of them.  I always heard that 40-50cm sized frames were the magic number, but this lightweight 3cell setup has more pep and handling than anything else I've flown so far.  details here

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  • Hey Robert,

    I'm a big fan of your work and style of flying..

    Just wondering about the quadcopter with DSLR you used for the Pretty Sweet intro, did you use this for any of your other videos i.e. SF, Venice?

    Or was the made especially just for Pretty Sweet?
  • Robert, brilliant video! How much experience do you have with FPV? That was some incredibly precise flying! 

  • Agreed. Ironically, my first plane was a handbuilt 1/5 scale nitro Piper Cub :) Anyone looking to start with quadcopters needs to look no further than Hobbyking, with a budget of only $250. My 450 workhorse cost that much, with shipping and 2 batteries, and has flown almost 20 hours so far without a hitch. However, if you're going to get a radio system from them..... don't. That is specifically the one thing you should splurge on.

  • I wish more people had the good sense to start with small simple rugged QuadCopters.

    A lot of them start right off with something big enough to lift the kitchen sink and chop their kids to bits, spending thousands of dollars in the process.

    So much more fun with inexpensive, light, small, agile and tough copters like this one where even crashes don't cost too much and the learning curve is easy.

    The other ones often never even really get off the ground, well not more than once anyway.

    And they are also the ones ranting about the problems with this hobby.

    Generally the only problem is they wanted a 777 and what they needed was a Piper Cub.

  • Amazing. Is the video in real time, ie. not sped up?

  • Brilliant stuff Robert I love it. I also love my f330 dji frame (fully loaded with gopro, osd, etc etc) it's my second favourite - after the one that does 60mph straight up, or 90 mph in forward flight :)

    You obviously have the commitment and skills, all I would say you need now is MORE POWER :)

    pst.(go-on, try the little 300 size with 4S)

  • We're talkin about practise man....practise....Found the answer to the great FPV Videos....Practise man....Practise.

  • Developer

    Very Impressive!!

  • Today it is so easy to create content hence the internet is full of text, images and videos. I guess people ask you because they want a condensed summary (read: list) of what parts went into your build, instead of trying to distill the information of a forum thread. Btw. nice work on copter and video!

  • Absolutely amazing video, hope you managed to evade the lifeguards and police at Venice Beach.

    I did notice it was very deserted

    I Tracked down this Copter it is the Quadrixette 30 and they have it here:

    You need to buy the frames and aluminum arms and camera antivibration platform separately.

    It is very similar to the Hoverthings Flip FPV frame and the TBS Discovery (Team Black Sheep) FPV frame that uses DJI Flamewheel Arms:

    Personally, I think the Hoverthings Flip FPV (about 380 size) would be worth a good look:

    The Arms of these appear to be CNC milled from quarter inch thick fiberglass, probably G10 and they are incredibly tough and stiff and they will swing at least a 10" propeller.

    I really did like the alpha gel vibration isolated FPV camera carrier for the Quadrixette.

    I have one of their sport versions of the Flip Quad and will definitely be getting one of their FPV versions when they are back in stock.

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