Some new I2C devices from AUAV Co.


Hi guys,

AUAV Co. team is proud to announce two new useful gadgets - an I2C AIRSPEED sensor and 3.3/5V UNIVERSAL I2C HUB.



The newly designed AIRSPEED sensor now incorporates JST GH connector + additional solder pads on the bottom side, and 5V->3.3V LDO which makes it compatible with 3.3V I2C. The size is 15x21mm.



Our new I2C HUB incorporates PA9516A + 3.3V LDO + SPST slide switches for all channels, thus making it compatible with either 5V I2C devices or 3.3V I2C devices at the same time. Using the slide switches on the top, one can choose 3.3V or 5V interface to his peripheral I2C devices. The I2C HUB size is 14x42mm.

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  • @Adam Kroll

    I am willing to gather 3 axis airspeed on a VTOL project, will probably use the mentioned I²C hub. As for flight controller, plenty of options such as PixRacer, RPi0+PXFMini, STM32F4/7 nucleos... will see, I am just validating aerodynamic designs for now. (will publish on my topic down there)

  • As small as you like, assuming they work correctly for your airframe.

  • Can you put way smaller pitot tubes on this?

  • Decent price point, eager to see what you are coming up with ur canesc aswell!

  • @Maxime C Do you use a pixhawk to get the 6 airspeed readings?  If so how do you do it,  I'd just like to have a redundant air speed sensor, but from my limited knowledge it seems this can't be done through I2C, it would need to be through canbus.

  • Hi Mike,

    This is the initial batch of 100pcs of a kind. We already started testing them and it seems everything is going fine. Next week we'll announce these devices with prices at



  • Three questions:
    1. How much do they cost?
    2. When are they available?
    3. Where do I go to get a few (assuming,but no we link was provided and as of yesterday I couldn't find anything on that site)?
  • 100KM

    I'm looking forward to this - well done! So, do I need a JST GH connector for your airspeed sensor? You mention that you have solder pads available?

  • HI, does it work with the pixhawk? 

  • Erle robotics also sell this specific cable^^

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