Some Tracks and Video

Flight 070409, Duration 15 minutes, winds gusting South to NorthBelow is a track in Google Earth of a recent flight....doing some modification testing on the airframe and some tweaking of the autopilot. Flight was "slightly" above AMA guidelines but as I had the field to myself for the afternoon I took the liberty.

Here is a video of the flight. The footage is boring so I sped it up.(about 45mb)...BigBird_At_CIC.wmvHere is a montage of the field. Due to gusting winds it does not match up well. I am waiting for a calm morning to take some good shots.

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    There is a slight variation in the altitude no more than a few meters. I currently do not know of any off the shelf software to do it (there are a few groups with priority applications) . The major problem using GPS data is the heading information is relative to the track and does not give an indication of the yaw at the moment the camera is triggered (still looking for a data logger with magnetometer).
  • I have a question: all photos are taken at the same altitude? I try sometime to do something similar but my first problem was that photos are taken at different altitude (i used an helicopter).

    Somebody know a software that work with gps data to stitch (or just zoom and rotate) photos? It will be very helpfull.
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    Not at the moment. I intend to try out the Attopilot first. The MP2028 is very feature rich autopilot (manual runs to almost 200 pages for just the autopilot and separate manual for ground station software). After more than a year I still do not feel 100% comfortable with my skill set i.e. I can plan a flight, simulate it and fly it and still have some part of the outcome surprise me (I suppose that is what makes it fun).
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    Cool., but I thought you were working on the ArduPilot as well(?)
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    I used Autopano. I did some manual rotations on some of the images. I suspect that with a bit of work in photoshop I could have got a better result but this was just quick and dirty.
  • What did you use to stitch the photos together?
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    MicroPilot MP2028.
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    Cool! Can you remind use what autopilot you're using?
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