"Not just weapons of destruction: How drones are being used to help build the skyscrapers of the future which could house more than 30,000 people"


Nice to see...

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  • I have to agree with everyone else while its cool to see new ideas for drones that structure seems like it isn't a good design (for getting to the top atleast) and it would seem more practical to me to have manned copters handle the construction.

    I could possibly see that design working if everyone had a flying car and parked it next to their unit but otherwise it doesn't seem good.

  • I can definitely see concrete and glass panels being lifted and guided into place using drones.

    For their size they can potentially lift a fair amount of weight..

    You would have to ask is it cost effective and practical?

    But with the arrival of the latest Lithium battery design that is supposed to triple capacity... Who knows..

  • It's a nice idea, but would be highly inefficient. They already have sky-crane helicopters that are more than capable of this (manned helis). But ordinary cranes are far more efficient. Fuel isn't cheap and no way an electric could do this on a full-scale building.

  • Think of it more positively, Imagine they are shipping containers, and then think about not needing docks, or cranes any more. drones to stack crates onto ships, drones to unload. no more "dock" area's...

  • That makes a nice art project, but a real building ?  This is the dumbest design for a skyscraper ever. I guess the giant house lifting quads could haul people up to their foam apartment cubes since there is no strait path for elevator shafts.

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