So today I was invited to a UAV product launch, with a company I’ve discussed before Drone Deploy, and . However this story has a couple of twists, actually 3 in total. But before we get to that, let’s go back to how it all started.

Drone Deploy was founded by Mike, Jono and Nicholas, 1 Ex-Google and 2 Cambridge Ph.D.’s. Back in the early days in their home in South Africa they decided to try and turn their hobby of RC flying, into saving Rhinos from being poached. That idea sat in their collective minds, and with their passion for RC flight and Engineering knowledge, fast forward and they founded Drone Deploy back in 2013. That’s a pretty noble start, Drones for Good, rather than setting up to just make a quick buck and check out. And I believe that is what makes Drone Deploy what it is today. Rather than focus on money, they focused on how to solve a problem. And from my own personal testing of the system, and from the demo’s today they have a pretty good solution. And as normal when you have a good solution, the money will find you.

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  • Having worked in a cloud-based company, there are always glitches at start and even on-going as with any software.  But the beauty of the cloud is that you can rapidly iterate and improve.  Then everyone benefits immediately from the improvements.   I am sure if this company stays at it, this will be a really be cool solution.

  • Seems like a good idea for agriculture applications. For engineering applications will drone deploy take the responsibility and guarantee the accuracy of the processed data?. Who will be held liable for any errors in data.

  • A well-written blog post that illustrates how drone system operations typical today can become simpler and faster with Drone Deploy's offering. Nice to hear about the team's progress since the 2014 sUSB Expo!

  • Great piece of tech. This kind of service will allow faster and cleaner work pipeline.
    We are keen to test it.
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