Sony and JVC taking on GoPro

JVC and Sony are taking on GoPro with new small HD "action cams". The shape of these will possibly have much better aerodynamics than the GoPro... more in line with Contour's cameras. Notice JVC's is already "quad proof". I'm sure they had quad copter drones in mind. :)




JVC's appears to have more features, but I'm especially interested in Sony's as it's rumored to have image stabilization and a Zeiss lens. Not to mention, it looks really small and sleek. It would require a water proof case (if needed) like the GoPro, where the JVC is bullet proof, well "quad proof" out of the box. I haven't come across any details about whether either camera supports a live analog (SD) output. Post a comment if you know anything about these cameras.




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  • Camera biz terminology clarification:

    Quadproof == (1) water [upto a depth], (2) dustproof, (3) vibration/shock proof, (4) freeze/temp proof.

    If they want to make a good quadcopter camera: some fix to the rolling shutter issues (jello-ing).

  • I don't know, Chivar. I would be surprised if they do. Possibly the JVC because the article mentions "lots of ins and outs", but I have not researched these cameras, yet. I'm guessing these would be best for HD capture, not the FPV signal.

  • can the jvc do a live video out for transmission to vrx? fpv?

  • Possibly, but with over "1000 new drones" in the air per month... the market for little cameras is really growing, and that is just our little corner of the world. The Hero2 is great, but it's not the best form factor for airplanes.

  • A little late to the game.  Almost everyone doing action filming is using gopro.  They've built a loyal following, and the price points are very different.

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