Sony RX0 for $700.00 looks way better than GoPro

The new Sony looks way more Pro than GoPro


The New Sony RX0 looks like a really Superior camera for our use.

Probably too much to ask to make it work in our old Solos, but maybe with a Cube - who knows.

1" image sensor and high speed HD and shutter and zero to infinity focus and  pretty much distortionless.

Also has uncompressed 4K output.

My guess is this will totally take over from the GoPro in the Pro and Semi Pro applications.

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  • 100KM

    Sensor size?

  • 110 gr, 15.3 Mpx, 850 €sonyrx0_ifa_lesnumeriques-4.jpg

  • 100KM

    it might be the perfect mapping camera - if it's sensor is 1" or larger? Can't get any stats on it?

  • this camera is not meant for the same uses as a gopro. they intend for it to be used in stationary, multicam setups - VR/motion tracking.

    it only has 5 min of onboard recording, and no mention of battery capacity.

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