RCLogger, the company who brought one of the least expensive mini brushless quads to market with the EYE One Xtreme, is now working on a micro-brushless gimbal for 200 sized quads. The gimbal will be capable of carrying the 1080p capable Mobius camera, a favorite among hobbyists for its size, quality, and price. The entire setup, including aluminum-framed brushless gimbal, dampened mount, control board, JST connector for power, AND camera is expected to weigh in between 100 and 110 grams. Early production models tipped the scales at 108 grams with camera mounted, and 70 grams without, according to RCLogger.

The gimbal can auto-detect power from a 2s or 3s power source, which can be provided from a separate battery or a split lead from a flight battery. Out of the box the gimbal will be pre-tuned for the Mobius camera, but does provide a USB port to allow users the opportunity to change parameters, or upgrade firmware. It will also allow the user to manually adjust the pitch and roll of the gimbal in-flight, if the users radio system is capable of such control. The mount is designed to work with most 200 sized brushless quads.

Price and release date have not been officially set, but an April release has been hinted. RCLogger has also hinted pricing will make it extremely competitive in the 2D gimbal market, especially considering its small size.

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  • Any update on availability of gimbal and or gimbal motors yet.

    I am considering using Mobius eight inch "lens" extension cable to mount just the lens / sensor unit on a custom tiny gimbal.

    The reduced size and mass could provide some real advantages and RC loggers 16 gram 1806 gimbal motors are the smallest yet available.

    I would really like 1804 or even smaller.

    I will probably give the heavy 20 gram ones from GoodLuckBuy a try.



  • +1 on Gary's comment.  Like to see specs and pricing once it's available on the market.

  • 16 grams sounds really great Jamie,

    Honestly don't think you could make them any lighter for this application with a Mobius.

    Definitely look forward to seeing prices, size, availability and more information on the gimbal motors.

    Looking to incorporate them in a custom dedicated micro quad frame with a built in gimbal.

    Best Regards,


  • Also to note, these motors are not oversized for this application. We did a lot of testing and found to get solid performance and the proper winding this was the most adequate with the least amount of weight. Again these aren't generic, but built to our exact specifications. Expect more video to be coming soon. 

  • To add to the conversation, the motors on this gimbal are 1806 and weigh 16g. The were specifically designed based on our specs for this application. They will also be for sale separately when we release the gimbal for those interested in just the motors. 

  • Thanks Gary, I'll put my order in also. I've had good luck with them too, but as my friend says about goodluckbuy -- "good luuuuck!! Bye"
  • @Gary

    What we needs is the mobius people to make their camera with the pitch gimbal built in.

  • Btw: Im only suggesting servo gimbals for your fpv camera, obviously the jitter and so on are not visible on that but will be on a camera filming in HD.

  • @Gary

    I agree servo gimbals arent the best, but a 250 is very small and currently no gimbal will fit inside these small confines. Id rather have a servo gimbal like the ones your pointing to that fits inside and is light than something bigger that robs me of flying time and performance.

  • Hi Joylon,

    Really happy to see two 1806 sized gimbal motors available.

    The Goodluckbuy ones look like they should work fine for a light weight Mobius gimbal.

    And I actually think the fact that the motor housing is not open frame should help keep dust out of the motor.

    Neither motor has torque, efficiency or power ratings so you really can't tell how they will work until you give them a try.

    I have ordered from Goodluckbuy before and had good luck with them but others have complained that if anything is wrong with the order or merchandise, it can be unfixable.

    I will probably order a few of them myself.

    Best regards (and thank you for the links),


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