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  • Found proper link for Tiny FAT FS here
    FatFs - Generic FAT Filesystem Module
    Open source FAT filesystem for embedded projects
  • Due acknowledgements

    - based on William Premerlani's UDB code and Doug Weibel Ardupilot code.

    - Tiny FAT FS from Electronic Lives Manufacturing (web site down at this moment)

    Features (if any) :

    - DCM in floating point

    - pitch roll yaw compensation not yet properly tuned

    - built with IAR EW ARM, project file will follow.

    - some crude PID to control aileron, elevator, rudder, neither tried nor tuned

    - very simple navigation, tried only with simulation

    - as it is now, loads a path from SD (not used), waits sensor stabilization, writes a log file with sensor data (100Hz), DCM matrix (10 Hz), GPS coordinates (1 Hz) until user button is pressed or power is turned off.

    Sorry for briefness, not much spare time.

  • Holly ASCI art! adcdriver.c 


    Makefile? README? 

  • 3D Robotics
    Link to author's page? Any details, features?
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