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Lots of boards for sale

Started this discussion. Last reply by Doug Weibel Nov 19, 2012. 2 Replies

APMega - 1.0.1 alpha now in the repository

Started this discussion. Last reply by Uwe Gartmann Aug 16, 2010. 19 Replies


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Doug Weibel commented on Roger Sollenberger's blog post Dronecon 2014 Call for Submissions!
"Serious?  DroneCon is not before/after AVC???"
May 13

Doug Weibel commented on Nick Arsov's blog post AUAV-X1 , a new vision of the PX4 autopilot
"I have configured the SP0 pin per the data sheet for the next-to-LSb to be zero and have tried 0xB0 and 0xB1 in accordance with the data sheet which may of course be wrong.  I can set up to just bang all the addresses and look for a response…"
Mar 18

Doug Weibel commented on Nick Arsov's blog post AUAV-X1 , a new vision of the PX4 autopilot
"Hi Nick, The files you uploaded are for the 21000 series devices, which are 2 axis devices, versus the 21100 series devices which are 6+3 axis devices.  Although there are some similarities there are very significant differences.  Is…"
Mar 18

Doug Weibel commented on Nick Arsov's blog post AUAV-X1 , a new vision of the PX4 autopilot
"Does anybody have any actual experience with the Maxim21100?  I have a couple sample parts but thus far have not been able to get anything out of them.  Of course the data sheet doesn't help - it is missing all the register bitfield…"
Mar 18

Doug Weibel commented on Paul's blog post Soon we can mint our own carbon prop ? frame ?
"Hi Robert, Seems like that is just a programming issue to me.  Why can't it lay one layer down pulling the fiber left/right and the next layer pulling the fiber front/back?  I think weave is mostly just a convenience as you can handle…"
Jan 29

Doug Weibel commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post The Sparkfun 2014 AVC has been announced!
"OK Robert, I'll be twisting Peter's arm to come up with something for the plane course that will take at least an hour, maybe 2 hours - 30 or 40 laps of the reservoir perhaps? :)  Then we will see…  I'll start…"
Nov 20, 2013
Dan Doberstein commented on Doug Weibel's blog post Proof of Concept test - Extremely accurate 3D velocity measurement with a ublox 6T module.
"from above , Dougs comment "- conceptually Doppler measurements and carrier phase change measurements are the same, but the way they are made in a gps receiver is very different." I am not an expert in the measurement of doppler in GPS…"
Oct 3, 2013

John Church commented on Doug Weibel's blog post Lemon-RX UART and PPM output
"I'm looking for an 8+ ch DSM Rx with PPM output. However, if APM/Pixhawk will support UART control, the model listed above is an option. Any word on whether such a decoder will be present in a future firmware release? Being that Pixhawk…"
Sep 4, 2013
Sam Corpe commented on Doug Weibel's blog post Proof of Concept test - Extremely accurate 3D velocity measurement with a ublox 6T module.
"Hi Doug, I'm building my own DGPS system for use within my Masters project and was wondering if you would be able to help me by taking a look at what I've done so far. Im wanting to get sub meter accuracy and using the U-blox NEO-6P chip…"
Aug 20, 2013

Doug Weibel commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post 3m wingspan fiberglass UAV from Hobbyking
"@Macboffin - your comment about shiny polished finish is incorrect.  All modern high performance sailplanes have highly polished finishes which reduce skin friction drag and allows for laminar flow.  Negative effects of rain, bugs, etc on…"
Jul 17, 2013
Bob Lee commented on Doug Weibel's blog post APM automatic flap deployment ready for testing.
"Finally I made it working my problem was too fast reading! And the reverse flap function to be corrected Now just some clarification about the flare function as well Landing Pitch (ArduPlane:land_pitch_cd) Landing flare altitude…"
Jun 11, 2013
Bob Lee commented on Doug Weibel's blog post APM automatic flap deployment ready for testing.
"“Yes, auto flap is working.  The functionality has nothing to do with the actual airspeed or the pitot tube.  Auto flaps works only in the fully autonomous modes and is based on the current airspeed setpoint.  You can test your…"
Jun 2, 2013
fmak2 commented on Doug Weibel's blog post Lemon-RX UART and PPM output
"Dear Developer, Thank you for your comment and we did aware your post and made improvement! We have now improved the UART resolution to 256 level (0 to 255 dec.) with Lemon Rx 8 / 10 channels receiver board updated every 11ms. The UART speed is…"
May 28, 2013

Doug Weibel commented on Doug Weibel's blog post Lemon-RX UART and PPM output
"Correct - only 100 steps.  I don't remember what the 3dr ppm has for resolution but the last ppm encoder I programmed I used 1000 steps."
May 28, 2013
Jason Chew commented on Doug Weibel's blog post Lemon-RX UART and PPM output
"Hey Doug, are you saying this has a resolution of only about 100 steps per channel?  What's a good number - for instance the 3DRobotics 8 Channel PPM Encoder V2 (link) - how many would that support is hooked up to a good Rx with hi-res?"
May 26, 2013
Frank Bernd left a comment for Doug Weibel
"Hi Doug, I´m on the way to develop a copter that is continuous horizontal aligned, also under accelerating and have some short questions to the ACC stabilisation. So I hope to come in contact to you. Best regards Frank"
May 22, 2013

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Full scale plane and sailplane pilot
RC heli pilot
Ex-engineer, tinkerer

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Proof of Concept test - Extremely accurate 3D velocity measurement with a ublox 6T module.

Posted on December 2, 2012 at 5:30pm 24 Comments


When the ublox 6 series modules were released, I noted that the 6T and 6P modules provided access to the raw carrier phase measurements, and I started thinking about how to use this capability.  My connections through my university research appointment weren't strong enough to get ublox to sample a dev kit to me (they generally don't sample them at all).  Jordi and Chris from were kind enough to use…


Annual Public Service Announcement

Posted on October 19, 2012 at 4:28pm 1 Comment

It is that time of the year when for many of us the furnaces have been turned on for the coming winter and the indoor air is getting dry, so it must be time for my annual ESD Public Service Announcement.


What is ESD?  Electrostatic Discharge!  That little spark you sometimes get when you touch a…


Lemon-RX UART and PPM output

Posted on October 19, 2012 at 4:17pm 5 Comments

I have had a Lemon-RX (previously known as Orange-RX) DSM2 6-Channel Receiver (PPM + UART)

sitting around for a bit, and finally got around to hooking it up to my logic analyzer and checking it out today.  I was interested in this RX as an inexpensive option if you need PPM output and run Spektrum/JR gear.  I knew from the spec sheet that the channel resolution on…


Best Quads doing stuff video

Posted on March 21, 2012 at 10:00am 2 Comments

In response to Chris' post of the best AP video ever, I have this offering

Difficulty with using Ultrasonic Ranging (Sonar) for landing flare control.

Posted on January 29, 2012 at 1:30pm 51 Comments

A feature frequently requested is to add support to ArduPlane for using sonar to control the landing flare.The answer, unfortunately, is probably no.  Take a look at this graph I obtained yesterday...

This has been on my to-do list for ages as I have never gotten around to getting some real world…


Comment Wall (14 comments)

At 8:57am on October 22, 2009, Greg Gibbons said…
Doug, please send your debugged IMU code, and let me know what to fix in Labview, I have 8.6 Pro Dev Suite. I noticed your in Longmont, I live in Windsor CO. We should get together and fly, I have been developing an autopilot and Ground control station for about 5 years.

Greg Gibbons
At 4:08pm on October 22, 2009, automatik said…
Hi Doug,
I would like a copy of revised ArduIMU code. I'll add you as a friend here in order to send you my emaill addy....As for LabVIEW code, i think there was a mixup between Z and indicators (if memory serves me right) and I remember seeing one more thing...
At 8:13pm on October 22, 2009, Dan Wilson said…

I would like to have a look at your IMU code.

Do your subtle changes greatly affect performance?

I have recently been flight testing the algorithm in my own application. With Jordis gains I noticed pitch estimate problems at full throttle due to what I assume was engine vibration affecting the accelerometers. I turned down the gains to about 30% what they were and it seems to have remedied the problem.

At 3:25pm on December 4, 2009,
William Premerlani
Hi Doug,

You asked:

"Hi Bill,

We (some of us in the ArduIMU community) are having a friendly disagreement over what positive acceleration means relative to a reference frame. I'm afraid none of us may know the correct convention. If you have an IMU sitting on your desk and you begin to move it in the positive X coordinate direction, while you are accelerating it is that a positive or negative acceleration from the IMU’s perspective?"

The short answer is that many accelerometers, such as the MMA7260 that I use in the UAV DevBoard, actually measure gravity MINUS acceleration. So, in the case that you cite, the acceleration is positive, so the accelerometer will give you a negative output.

Best regards,
At 4:18pm on December 7, 2009, Danilo Marques Figueiredo said…
Hi Doug,

Did your arduIMU works fine with your ardupilot?!
My project is walking and I'm thinking to replace the thermopiles with arduIMU, Is it complicated to do it?!


At 10:52pm on December 7, 2009,
Gary Mortimer
Hey Doug messaging is down so I shall have to try here, unfortunately there's lots of rip off's of the original Vtail, if its from the USA that's what it will be. There are flat spars in the original about 6mm wide that are placed in the slot that runs on the underside of the wing for that purpose, also the from of the fins also receive the same treatment thats to stop them flexing. For hinging simply use some UHUpor and run two beads of it on each surface wait for it to dry and then bring together. Works really well. Please don't hesitate to ask any more questions, although as I say most being sold in the USA are not from the designer sadly!! Hooray for China, actually another country in this case, but the less said!
At 7:56am on December 17, 2009, john bero said…
Yes, it has four flights on it. It was a challenge to keep it under 6#. Came in @ 6.01#.
The first flight was good, had issues with take-off due to the high location of the motor and poor angle of attack with the wing. Even with this it performed quite well. Have a video of first flight. It is a heavy plane for its size; however it is very stable after the two issues were taken on with a small amt. of tinkering. I think I want to build a larger one, but foam wing is the way to go, coroplast is just too heavy for anything larger than this.
At 8:24am on December 17, 2009, john bero said…
Wild-thing specs.
48” wing span
11” cord
1” ailerons
48” length overall
36” X .75” alum. Channel
5 servo’s (slave for steering)
Basswood saddle for servos
.125 OD music wire (landing gear)
2.25” wheels
Landing gear offset 1.5” for camera clearance
Monsterpower 32 out-runner kv 770
11 X 7 prop
14.8 lipo four cell
80 amp esc
6 channel receiver
2” gutter pipe
Walmart paint ball magazine (motor housing)
Soda straws
.5” poly urethane firewall (Wal-Mart cutting board)
Yellow monocoat.
Misc. nylon screws, nylon spacers, glue, Velcro, etc
At 6:29pm on March 11, 2010,
William Premerlani
I am responding to your comment about putting a plane through a windshield. Its a bit off topic, so I am putting it here.
The guy who runs the local hobby shop in my town, Daryl, sold a plane to someone. Daryl drove out to the field on the day the customer took the plane up for its first flight.
Shortly after Daryl got there, the plane went out of control, busted through Daryl's windshield, and landed in the front seat of Daryl's car. Guess he lost money on that sale.
There is a picture of the plane, taken looking through the hole in the windshield, that is up in Daryl's shop, with the caption, "shit happens".
Daryl says there is no way to know for sure what happened, but his guess is that the crystal shook loose from the receiver.
At 8:26am on June 29, 2010, Dave Whittington said…
A couple of things
1. I should be able to understand the code as necessary
2. I don't have ailerons - only rudder - but it turns very well as is
3. I only have a DX6i transmitter, so I will only be able to test MANUAL/other mode - one at a time.
4. I do have a gumstick video camera to record the flight along with the flash log
5. I will take my laptop along as necessary to download various versions - but I can't run the ground station as I didn't get telemetry hardware.
6. I will probably fly out slightly over the ocean - see - but how close can my waypoints be for a figure eight ( I want to keep it in tight and over the beach).
Dave Whittington

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