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  • How did you get the approval to accomplish this goal? If this was in the USA, how long did the approval from the FAA take? If not in the USA than same questions only who gave you the approvals? 

    Great videos by the way....

  • Genial. ..
  • David, thanks for the link. Good information.

    To everyone thinking about doing the same. Some things to consider:

    -Think about the law (flight permissions and radio frequencies). Sadly no info on that...

    -Take care with hydrogen (he used for cost reasons)... You could burn up some important parts of your body when working without protection. There is a reason protective wear exists for that (see last picture here:

  • Distributor

    Epic stuff! And very well produced and narrated  video. A+

  • Thanks for posting btw :)

  • More info can be found here:

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