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Sparkfun AVC location announced, plus new DroneCon!

3689506378?profile=originalOn Sparkfun's Google Plus page, they've announced the new location of the annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition, which will be held on Saturday, June 8th in Boulder, Colorado. This year, in addition to cars and planes, they're readmitting copters, so the event has moved to a much larger area: the Boulder Reservoir. 

Also, for the first time, 3DR and DIY Drones will be organizing a day of drone education and hacking, called DroneCon, which will be held at the Sparkfun headquarters on Friday, June 7th. More details coming soon, but many of the DIY Drones developers and 3DR staff will be there, giving a day of tutorials on everything from drone control theory to communications and operations. For those who can't make it, it will be videoed to create the begninnings of a Drone Academy education program that we''ll be launching. 

More details on both AVC and DroneCon coming soon, but save the dates!

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    DroneCon is on Friday, but we've got very limited room (just 40 people in the Sparkfun space) so right now it's just for dev team members. However, we will be livestreaming (and recording) all the sessions, so everyone will be able to participate or watch the sessions. 

    However, if you're going to be at Sparkfun for the event and can arrive a day early, we might be able to get you in. Please PM John Cherbini, who is organizing it, and see if he can find a place for you.

  • Any update on dronecon?
  • Is there a sign-up for DroneCon? I'm planning to be there!

  • Yeah - this is exciting! Awesome stuff and I really appreciate the willingness to lead/teach from those who are masters of this craft.

  • I am excited for this. Boulder and the flat irons are an awesome setting for the Drone gathering, not to mention that CU is doing a lot of drone work just up the road. They used to have an annual race/event called Kinetics at the Boulder Resovoir, which consisted of teams racing in homemade "crafts" across the lake. So it seems very fitting to be hosting the event there.
  • Now to make it go around the reservoir, grand challenge style.  It should be bigger, the justify the cost of traveling.

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    Tom, FPV: we do intend to do more of these, but we'll start with the Sparkfun event and build from there. One point worth repeating is that we're going to be using these events as an opportunity to build an online resource of educational materials (video and text), so people will be able to have access to it, even if they can't make a physical event. We may end up calling it something like Drone Academy.

  • Admin

    Hey Chris,

    Great idea to get more people involved with UASs!

    How about considering a DroneCon East too? I would be glad to help get one together.



  • Hey Chris,

    I think this is great idea. I would also like to suggest something much larger. I think we should get a group together and setup the First Ever DIY DRONE Convention like a smaller CES with total focus on UAV. A nice place in LA California, like where E3 game convention is held. Sell booths for UAV and DIY and have a nice Exhibit hall with all the newest products. Safe in doors net area for flight demos, class room for flight training and some great speakers LIKE YOU on where the UAV space is at now and where it is headed. I for one would love to be able to connect with the DIY Community in person and show our new Frame designs we have been working on for sometime now so we would buy a booth and offer flight demos, training, build your own DIY drone class. I think you would get a major turn out from all over the world with so many companies that would love to showcase current and new up coming products. Maybe we setup a poll to the DIY community and poll who would be interested in attended and who would like to purchase a booth. I would donate product for drawings that could be offered each day and I am sure other MFG would love to offer this as well. Just an idea, I think the community could get some fantastic media coverage from this type of even worldwide.  If you are interested or if I can help let me know. 



  • Sounds like an awesome idea!


    Hopefully I will be able to show up.

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