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  • Yes I thinck the mechanical part is not a big issue to built, and I also think it should be nearly stable regarding the weight position.
    The hard part must be the regulation because of the transitions between helicopter flight to airplane flight.


  • This spherical flying machine is very cool. I would love to build one of these. Time for a new kit, DIY Drones.  :)

  • You can see detail design, but in Japanese.

  • Soon I'll have a way to practice my light sabre skills:


  • I love that clueless reporter putting her face right next to the prop like that.  She's obviously never seen prop blades break off and shoot across the room.

  • @hasufel

    Glad you liked it, but Mr Mortimer and co are the real stars, and, as usual, light years ahead of me! :)
  • Very nice thread. Lots of info on it. Thx DaveWaveyBunsenBurner.

  • @Sebastian

    Theres a lot more to it than that:
  • mm i can't see anything special about it... basically a 3D foamy in a spherical shape with IMU stabilization

  • is soon going to be like the drone in Star Wars, that is sent to the planets looking for Luke Skywalker.

    I would like to build one of these too, i like the crash proofness of it, as it will roll and thus dispurse the energy rather than absorbing it.

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