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  • That patent brings an interesting perspective to brushless gimbals, especially for those companies that profit off of selling them. As for the kickstarter, it is a complete ripoff even if the product is good.

  • It will have very short life. Too expensive, way too shaky, cheap cogging motors, and foremost it violates US patent US8179078 of Adam Sidman see it at - Movi gimbal of freeflightsystems as well violates the same patent. It will be way too risky to back it at Kickstarter unless they have valid license from patent owner as you may loose your money.

  • I agreed with Paul, build your own! But that guy didn't need a whole Tx setup just to control the tilt. He should have just used a simple servo tester unit.

    Just for the record, I wouldn't buy the Stabilgo because of that lady's crazy dreads.

  • Very nice.

  • Forget kickstarter

    Build your own DIY Digital Stabilized Camera Gimbal

  • Admin

    You mean wanabe rich ........ ;0)

  • Looks like a complete rip-off.
    This is a YUN-1 gimbal where he attached a handle, that's all:


  • The footage isn't even that good! No chance I would pay that money

  • ridiculous kickstarter...

  • Footage was not impressive enough to pay that dough. I got a $100 BL gimbal and $50 open source controller that is more impressive which ultimately isn't THAT impressive compared to other gimbals out there.

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