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  • @OG: Now that's a flying lawnmower ;)

  • SteadiDrone builds very nice copters and this is a really good example of a very well designed Quadcopter.

    $15,000.00 is way too expensive even though clearly aimed at professional use and not at all in line with the rest of their product line.

    I,m sure this has lots of uses but is way to easily duplicated for half the price even using top quality components.

    It looks like a very ready to go out of the box solution and I am sure they are hoping that will justify the expense, but a lot of people are already in that market with successful entries at lower prices so it seems a questionable concept.

    Still I wish them luck and would be interested in the frame (at a reasonable price) myself).

    Their vibration isolating motor mounts seem to be the only ones out there that actually improve things more than they cause problems.

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  • What makes this drone able to fly for 60min (not even taking into account the payload). 

  • Not just build the CAD, CNC the parts, establish the supplier chain and build the workflow. Cheers Crash! ;-)
  • Hugues, I agree there's a general rule of thumb that "if it folds, it vibrates", but I can't quite make out any twisting in the video at 1:02?  I definitely don't see twist, but there is some side to side shaking.  But if you look, it seems like the base of the frame is moving with the arm. I think the entire machine is shaking. Maybe it's just due to the flimsy landing gear?  My guess is this is a Yaw "ground resonance" due to the Yaw PID fighting the landing gear.  It would disappear once it takes off.

    OG: That's pretty sleazy to jump in somebody else's blog post to promote your product.  Please do your own post.

    Mauricio: I was wondering the same thing.

    Max: Yeah, if Crashpilot is volunteering to build all of our systems for us for free, it would be nice to know where his shop is.

  • 8kg add payload 20min - That's still impressive!

    No wonder it great flight time, its uses 40A of batteries. The cost is just astronomical. Those motors are made to handle 6s with 29-30in props, yet they are pushing it to 10s and 28in props.

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    Very nice but way too overpriced. I understand that is the first commercial quad that size and maybe he can justifies the price because of that, but still... 

  • Just what we need. A 16lb flying lawnmower/tree trimmer. 

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    I'll buy it from you for $3750... where is your shop ?

  • so no APM on this one? can I ask why?

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