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  • I don't know about the steadidone but we are also selling similar copters (in X8 config as the quad is not reliable enough...already had one U8 defective...).

    from our experience and users feedback:

    - actually very stable, smooth to fly (it's like a truck). videos are neat...

    - don't like the wind! I guess this has to do with the size...29" props makes them very large copters

    - very difficult to tune... we use A2 and we never struggled that much to tune a copter!

    - flight time we reached on quad is 56min with gimbal and camera. it was of course hovering.

    see video from our second flight:

    an other test...

    and a video reel from one of our clients:

    so sure you can do good shots with the quadX... depending on which gimbal they use...

  • *likely
  • I suspect it's because;
    A) if you're going to spunk 15k on professional kit, you'll do it on well known platforms (s800 etc), where the risks and flaws are known and can be mitigated.
    B) it's unlikely any professional grade footage will remain private anyway. Competitive advantage and all that.
  • The platform looks incredible. But for the industrial market it is the end product that counts (the footage it can make). Nothing is proven unless a video is shown of actual footage shot by this drone. A kite can fly for 60 mins+ but it can't make a steady video for 3 seconds.

    It's been 3 months since the quad x was launched. I find it a bit worrying that nowhere on the internet footage made by this uav is found, probably because it is jello and vibration all over the screen.

    I hope this post get's debunked soon with actual footage.:)
  • 100KM

    @Duran - any progress on the flight recording?

  • but this one is a whole lot cheaper

    50 minutes flight time Quad using stock parts - Talon 750
  • Looks similar to this:

  • Developer

    Nice job!!! And based on what I see the government pay for less, the price is good value!

  • hi guys  i also need some help ;

    i am giong to designe quadcopter with fpv camera which could be controlled from 5km range a collected all the data but i have still stuck with antenna.

    kindly guide me about long range antenna that could controll quad copter from 5km range


  • is there any particular reason this is a X and not a deadcat ? I guess its not needed as the gimbal is below but still it seems lately a lot of designs for smaller quads are going deadcat.

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