Steampunk Tricopter project


I am finally about finished with my Steampunk Tricopter. I have been working on this design since last December on and off. After crashing last fall I decided to completely rebuild as a steampunk airship. I looked extensively on line to get some ideas and to see what was out there but I couldn't find anything that inspired me. Using my electronic components from my existing tricopter, I completely redesigned every part. I mean, the only parts I used from my old frame was the aluminum arms. Thats it... All the parts are either ABS plastic printed parts or balsa wood parts that were hand cut. Other than that I have tissue paper sails and one or two other materials just for looks. I have more images and details on a discussion thread at:

Let me know what you think or ask some questions. 

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  • Arrr t'is a mighty fine lookin air ship there, cap'n!  Me want to see her a-sailin out t' high skies.

  • Looks like I have a little more work to do. I went to fly it the other day and it barely was able to get off the ground. Too heavy for the tri-copter setup. I'm thinking either a Y-6 or much bigger motors and props...

  • +1 Love the look!

  • Really nice, I want one!

    +1 to see some videos of its flying

  • Very cool, want to see some video of it flying.



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