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  • There are several different ways of programming this for free, Atollic do offer a lite edition of truestudio with reduced functionality or if you're feeling adventurous you can set up eclipse to compile, flash and debug these stm32's but that is a little bit more of a hassle but something we've done at work for the stm32f1 and f4 dev boards and working on the f3 discovery board


  • @kert

    It is out of stock everywhere because the board hasn't been released for sale yet.

    It is supposed to be released within 1-2 weeks.


  • For free environment, with IDE, GCC compiler, debugger, tools: search about Odev, Yagarto, PX4, Virtual robotix,....


  • Just today i learned that there is actually a new LPC1114 chip in DIP package for a $1.25. Yay ! Out of stock everywhere though ..

  • I was wondering about the Development Environment too. I haven't dug in deep but I didn't see Eclipse or Gcc in the top level docs. Some of the folks mentioned like Keil or IAR can cost big bucks for a full development system.


  • This may be a dumb question, but how does one actually program and debug this for less than several hundred dollars? All the software development environment options presented in the Intro PDF are asking for quotes and/or massive amounts of money, which, for a college student, is kind of a barrier. Is there an obvious open-source solution I'm missing?


  • Out of stock everywhere : (

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    ...and R/C receiver!
  • Soon we'll buy just one cheap board that has inbuilt receiver, gyroscopes, accelerometers, pressure sensor, GPS, a camera and video transmiter and possibly ESC - all in one package... that's just a matter of time

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