Londonderry, NH

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Electrical Engineer, Sr. member of the IEEE. Vice Chair of the NH IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Licensed Ham Radio Operator KB1WHS

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Interested in ground vehicles and way-point navigation as it applies to robot systems.



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Rich Maynard commented on Jean-Louis Naudin's blog post APMRover 2, a fun UGV project for full autonomous recon missions...
Hi Chris,
Technically you only need four channels from your R/C receiver to control the a rover with an APM. Two sticks (or variable controls) and two switches (or discrete controls) one switch is a two position switch used to perform…"
Oct 13, 2012
Rich Maynard commented on Rich Maynard's blog post Project: Introducing Box-T (ArduRover)
"@Alex, Most of the animals that i need to get out to the garden are pretty skidish. They run off at the slightest sign of something moving that they don't understand. Crows fly over, they run. The neighbors dog barks, they run. My other neighbor…"
Oct 3, 2012
Rich Maynard posted a discussion in ArduRover User Group
Introducing Box-TCheck out my blog for the actual intro.I still have a long way to go on the code, but I'll post it once I get it done.-Rich
Oct 2, 2012
Rich Maynard left a comment on ArduRover User Group
Hi Thomas,
This may be something we move to the discussion forum but I wanted to know what you considered a Build Log? Generally I've been going with Chris's guidelines of; forums are for question and blogs are for announcements. I wondering…"
Oct 2, 2012
Rich Maynard posted a blog post
Name: Box-TFunction: Patrol RobotI put Box-T together to keep an eye on my garden. We’ve got a variety of creatures that like the vegetables as much as we do, so when a creature comes into the garden, it’s Box-T’s job to chase them out.He's not…
Oct 2, 2012
Rich Maynard left a comment on ArduRover User Group
"Well if you looking to interface a WII Nunchuck check out

Sep 18, 2012
Rich Maynard left a comment on ArduRover User Group
If you have a couple of questions go ahead an post them. Not to put you off though but there are many examples of using PWM on the Arduino site as well the samples and Library examples that come with the Arduino IDE.
Sep 17, 2012
Rich Maynard commented on Adi G's blog post STM32F3DISCOVERY - Things that you can get for $10.90
"I was wondering about the Development Environment too. I haven't dug in deep but I didn't see Eclipse or Gcc in the top level docs. Some of the folks mentioned like Keil or IAR can cost big bucks for a full development system.
Sep 12, 2012
Rich Maynard replied to Randy Brazeau's discussion Do I have to use ESC? in ArduRover User Group
"The APMs have four serial channels, but all four might be used depending on what features you add:
On the APM2.5:
serial CH0: Starts as the boot loader but it's attached to a mux it might be usable once you download code.
serial CH1: is allocated…"
Sep 12, 2012
Rich Maynard left a comment on ArduRover User Group
"I just received the Email about Lynxmotion also. On his forum, Jim explained it's mostly due to health issues with him and his wife. RoboShop will probably keep the existing product line going. It'll be interesting to see if they add any new…"
Sep 12, 2012
Rich Maynard left a comment on ArduRover User Group
"@Jim I'll be using a uBlog I just received from 3DR, as well as their mag compass. The sonars are Devantech SRF05s and the infrared rangers are GP2Y0A21s.  The garden is a 3x4 array of raised beds. The bed walls are high enough that I don't have to…"
Aug 25, 2012
Rich Maynard left a comment on ArduRover User Group
"@Jimmie D,
"A list of what if's to think about:
What if your rover encounters a?:
Cliff, tree, curb, picnic table, steep grade, animal, another rover, heavy grass, steam bank, water, etc."

Yep, got most of that covered. The GPS and the mag compass…"
Aug 24, 2012
Rich Maynard left a comment on ArduRover User Group
"Say are any of you guys, that are using one of the ArduPilots on your rovers, making use of the IMU and pressure sensors for guided operation? I'm making a shield for a Arduino Mega with just interfaces for the GPS and the mag compass. I figure…"
Aug 23, 2012
Rich Maynard left a comment on ArduRover User Group
"Blackfin is an Analog Devices Processor that has been high optimized for audio and video digital signal processing. the main reason you don't see it so much in the maker/DIY arena is the the development tools are relatively expensive.

I've been…"
Aug 23, 2012
Rich Maynard commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post Announcing APM 2.5!
"Hey guys,
How are the APM 2.5 Eagle files comming? Any ETA on their being published?
Aug 8, 2012
Rich Maynard commented on Chris Anderson's blog post FAQ: Confusing terms explained
"Hi Chris,
This kind of reflects Sgt Ric's Post on the BEC. A few months ago when I discovered this site I went looking for the term in the glossary but didn't find it where I was expecting it. I think it warrants its own entry in the glossary. Just…"
Aug 5, 2012