Storm32 BGC gimbal

After combining my retracts from my previous blog post and my conversion plate to turn the 2-axis into a 3-axis gimbal

then also adding a mounting plate for the Storm32 BCG controller, further testing and setup goes great so far

Also did some tests using the spektrum sat option for the second operator to control the gimbal movements remotely (with possible future retract control also)

further settings to be done to fix the tilt upward issue I'm having yet

3689639347?profile=originalGoodluckbuy v1.31 Board:

HC-06 Bluetooth Module (supports auto bluetooth tool in gimbal gui):

Gimbal Frame

2-axis to 3-axis conversion plate:

Gimbal yaw motor:

Gimbal Roll & Pan Motors:

Controller Mounting plate: (Part from this:

Current firmware: (v0.65e)

Storm32 Wiki:

Storm32 Main Site:

3689639239?profile=originalFor anyone not familiar with the Storm32 controller the GUI gives you setup wizards for setup of motors, imu, Bluetooth and advanced settings to control Mavlink options for future development use with arducopter and such

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  • The page Randy linked to says:

    Support for this gimbal is included in Copter 3.3 (and higher) for gimbals running v067e (or higher).
    I don't have a pixhawk or apm platform at this time to do further testing
    Downloads - STorM32-BGC Wiki
  • Kyoto Jung, good question! I have not gone through wiki pg yet, but I do have same questions

  • Hi Andre,

    Looks like the Storm 32 serial protocol is fixed in the latest AC3.3-rc8 version.



  • Developer


    It works in AC3.3-rc7 using the MAVLink protocol.  The alternative serial protocol method is not working.

    We have a wiki page that details the setup:

  • Hi Andre,

    There is also some discussion of this on the drones discuss developer forum.!forum/drones-discuss

    As I understand it Storm 32 integration with Pixhawk is working in The latest developer builds, but it may still have some issues.

    I am soon going to be using one of these to drive my laser rangefinder based vision system with a 3 Axis DYS gimbal.

    Although the interface will be ROS.



  • Olliw would have a better answer to that question, As I don't have a pixhawk to do further tests as things move on

    another person you could ask is digaus on rcg too, hes well versed in communication between the boards

  • What is the current state of the Pixhawk/Storm32-BGC?
    Is is working? What is working? Communication via Mavlink or the Storm32-BGC protocol?

    read that the Serial driver to the BGC is broken?

  • I forgot there's more info here too:

  • @Charles, thanks ^^

  • GUI Screenshots3702007866?profile=original3702007734?profile=original3702007907?profile=original3702007929?profile=original3702007955?profile=original3702007976?profile=original3702008004?profile=original3702007888?profile=original3702008025?profile=original

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