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  • The plane seems pretty durable, I am learning RC and UAV and the skywalker I just built took a 20 foot nosedive into the ground and came out undamaged.
  • What is the availability of this plane?
  • Just got my Skywalker! :)

    Thanks Hooks!
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    Check inbox Hooks ;)
  • Moderator
    Morli Send PM if when you want to buy!
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    Here is a good thread going on.
    plenty of photos here

    but why did the price increase 14$ in less than a day??!!
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    I found this video with Skywalker! I know focus are not on the plane..
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    A few old pics:

  • Hooks, what is the size of the internal payload space? Any chance you could put an approx scale bar on that fuselage half view?

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    thanks , i had some thing similar in mind from hobby king, ;) , any flying video links for this model somewhere ?
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