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  • People are so stupid 1 why run 2 a taser really they are both stupid
  • While the rangers were busy harassing visitors in front of their kids, a woman dies in water

  • Holy crap, this is why taser's require far more training.....   Here in Australia - NSW a taser is considered an additional tactical option, it is placed in the same category as pulling your firearm, so be damn sure you have a good reason for even pulling it (even drawing it triggers a recording, all uses are then reviewed by an independent team).  To be honest there is less paperwork for pulling your gun compared to the taser, but it is an invaluable tool when rolling up to situations, it gives you an option that means you are less likely to kill a person.  Tasers are not a compliance tool, they should be there for direct threat to public safety.  A suspect fleeing is not a threat unless he was wielding a firearm or knife......  Anyone using it as a compliance tool should be fired for misuse and face charges, it's a privilege that citizens are giving to them.  No wonder the USA has such law enforcement issues, this is not a way to improve law enforcement and public relations, which appear to be at an all time low from an outsiders perspective.

    Note that NSW Police killed a person and tasers were involved but not the cause of death, those officers faced charges, although I think the end result is several lost their jobs.  I dont think anyone went to jail, but I feel they should have.

  • "Lucky for him he wasn't flying a DJI Phantom... he would've most likely had been shot for that!" --- LOL

    I guess police officer just got his Inspire1 crashed and hate anyone flying a drone.

  • I agree that the Hubsan flyer was in the wrong, but a lot of the public knows nothing about the no drones in the national parks rules and especially the ones flying "toys".

    And ignoring them and running away was not the move of a rocket scientist either.

    It could have as easily been an eight year old that got tasered.

    As a matter of fact, it sounds like exactly what an eight year old would  have done.

    The idiot who fired the taser should be arrested and charged with criminal misuse of a taser, but because he is a public official it will never happen.

    A woman got arrested and fined $2000.00 for feeding the homeless in Texas today because "it encourages them to stay homeless", same sort of thing.

  • Lucky for him he wasn't flying a DJI Phantom... he would've most likely had been shot for that! Sad state of affairs here in the USA. Although he was responsible for bringing the sparky arm of the law onto himself for not knowing that it is illegal to fly in State/Federal parks. 

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    I'm like 99% sure that is a Hubsan X4. I own one to keep my skills sharp over the long winter months! I can say from practical experience about the worst thing that could happen with one of these micro quads is to get one stuck in someones hair or beard! As far as lacerations go...not happening unless you have paper thin skin. Try it, it doesn't tickle but it's not going to cause any injuries that even require a band-aid!

    The response to the incident is ridiculous, but the pilots response escalated the situation and is what got his tased not the fact that he was in violation of the park rules. Ultimately there are no degrees when it comes to the rules based on the size of the aircraft. It either is in violation or it's not.

    As I write this yet another story is coming on the news about some yahoo flying a multirotor in the vicinity of an airport and being near the flightpath of an airliner. When will these morons get a clue?


    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

  • You've got to be kidding me this was an absurd overreaction.

    When law enforcement can get away with treating citizens this way without any fear of accountability.

    Who protects us from them.

    Black man in the US recently choked to death by officers "restraining" him over reselling individual cigarettes.

    Also while not apparently resisting arrest.

    Finding was justifiable force.

    Who exactly is it they are protecting?

  • Wow.  While there may have been "hundreds" of people around, that mini quad could, at best, cause a few minor lacerations and maybe a bruise if he hit someone at full throttle.. I take safety as a #1 priority, but I think if these people are willing to get this close to a lake of lava then they're probably willing to stand around while someone flies such a small quad.

    When did the law become so black and white?  Are we only trusting supreme court judges with the capability to consider a situation in context to determine what the proper course of action is?  Not quite sure what this Park Ranger thought he was protecting by tasering this man after he landed..

  • Hard to know how the pilot actually behaved. But no matter what he said or did, tasering him for flying a 3inch copter is a tiny little bit out of proportion!

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