This is the crazy project that kept us busy lately at Quaternium: a hybrid electric+gas multirotor with range extender, inspired by Hybrid cars, such as BMWi3.

Our goal is to overcome the endurance limitations of an electric multicopter, while keeping the multirotor platform we are so enthusiastic about. This VTOL UAV has 2.5 hr estimated flight time with payload, and around 4 hours endurance otherwise.

These are the product specs:



20.0 KG


11.3 KG


7.0 KG


1.4 HR


2.7 HR


80 KM/HR


1350 MM

Why are we working on this?

As you all know, the drone market is only starting. We believe there will be many more  industrial applications emerging soon. With this new project, we seek to go beyond current technology limits and explore new possibilities of application.


What do you think about it? I’d love to hear your comments on this!




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  • I hope you guys can make one that's waterproof! 

  • Great! I sent you guys an email over an hour ago :) Let's talk :) 

  • Yes Lorenzo! We have some customers for search and rescue:


  • This will be really good for search and rescue. 

  • hi Jose Luis, very interesting and exciting project, it seems to me that you are using an HLY W9235 KV100, which is rated at 2900W each, but you mentioned that your generator sources about 2000W and some of power, is it correct to assume that you are driving those motors at about 500W? also, I'm very curious about the generator that you use, is it correct to assume that it is an brushless motor used as a generator? many thanks!

  • I have published a new post with last news:


  • Good luck guys, it really looks promising and I wish you all the best with further development. It will be interesting to see what you come up with. Perhaps this is the future for more industrial, working RPAS.

  • Thanks Joe!

  • Outstanding work.

  • Oh, I'm quite sure it's possible with gas helicopter too.  I was just curious because doing it on 2.7L would mean that it is very efficient.  I expect this would have lower total system efficiency than a helicopter because you have two mechanical/electrical conversions, and less disk area.

    I expect mine would fly about 1.5 hours on 2.7L, so if you did 3+, that would be mind bendingly efficient.

    Are you with-holding details on how much fuel this took?  I'm just curious.

    End of the day, this is a fantastic achievement.  Demonstrating that gas power can be used for a multirotor to achieve extended flight times is really great.  I think you're the first to show how this can really be done. Everybody is always holding out hope for this elusive battery technology breakthrough, but there is nothing really on the horizon. Gas power is here, today.

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