Successful Raptor Maiden Flight!

It flies!!!


Finished the Raptor this week, it was a blast to make, I think I'm falling in love with flying wings. After installing all the electronics I was super happy to discover that their placement made for a great nose heavy CG, and no dead weight would be needed.


Took it out to the field, did some range testing and CG testing, and then used a "frisbee" style hand launch. Took a few tries, but I finally got it in the air. Flies amazing, very very agile, too agile actually. I'll need to reduce the throws on the elevons to add more control. It glides very, very well. It may even glide better then the Nova, seriously, that is how well it glides.


More testing next week!



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  • Trent, I have that exact same radio, you may have done it already but the top right switch cuts the throws in half on my setup (default).
  • Nice work.  Rather than limit the throw of the servos, why not cut down the size of the control surfaces?

  • Congratulation Trent ! gogogo for the v2 .. thank you for the your always good vibes and inspiring !

  • Developer

    "up trim" is normal for flying wings.  It usually is around 1/8" or so.  That's why it is so much more efficient to use a flying wing airfoil vice something like a clark Y.  The moment coefficient is so much less negative for the MH series airfoils than a clark Y.  You could fly a flying wing with a clark Y but you'd have probably more than double the "up trim".

  • Thank you everyone for your words encouragement! I'll work on the rates/throws to bring it back into control.


    Quick question for you: my motor is aimed as level as I can get it, should I put some down incidence? I only ask as the CG calculator said I should have been about balanced, but I needed a great amount of up trim to keep it level... I'm wondering if aiming the motor down will reduce that effect.



  • Hi Trent

    Nice video again.Keep it up as we always learn something new.Loved the build part and have noted some techniques.

    Fair play for the "frisbee" style hand launch you chancer!


    If anyone knows where i can purchase this foam(EPS, XPS or EPO) In Ireland please let me know.I can find who makes the foam and get brought to a lot of manufactures websites but still have no foam.I have asked some guys at my flying club but they all say order from abroad,which costs a small fortune.

  • good job ,,, looks like its time for a turnigy 9x with dual rates and expo , how much did you spend on foam too build this ?

  • Great video as allways,

    I would also do as Veikko says mount the servos sideways so just the arms stick out of the wing. Thats what we do with all our wings too. Maybe a bit of foam in front of the motor mount to help with the aerodynamics.

    Can't wait to see it against the nova and with APM.

    Keep 'em comin'

  • Great job, nice flight characteristics and typical of F.W. designs.

    You will sort out the controls soon enough.

    Does your transmitter/receiver have programmable control rates?

    If not, you will have to go old-school and do it mechanically.

  • I've been waiting for this post ;-)

    Very neat... congrats Trent !

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