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Mike commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Lost and Found Drone - Losing and Finding our Shrike
"My understanding is that the MIN_GNDSPD_CM parameter is supposed to force the APM to adjust the throttle in order to maintain a given minimum ground speed while flying into a head wind. Unfortunately I can't get it to work myself, but you may have…"
Jun 30, 2012
Mike replied to Mike's discussion Minor planner suggestions...
"Just a note, Andreas just pointed out to me that the Raw Sensor View data I'm looking for was moved to the "Tuning" checkbox under the map. One thing off the list already! ;)"
Jun 26, 2012
Mike posted a discussion
The planner has come a long way in the past year or so and I greatly appreciate all the work that the developers have put into the project. I would like to make a few minor suggestions that I feel would go along way to improving the usability even…
Jun 26, 2012
Mike replied to Rick Stewart's discussion Raw Sensor data through MP
"The Planner used to be able to view any of the parameters under the Raw Sensor View button, but that functionality seems to have been removed for some reason. Perhaps we're just missing it?"
Jun 26, 2012
Mike posted discussions
Jun 25, 2012
Mike replied to Mike's discussion 2.40 firmware won't save config/waypoints.
"I just noticed that rebooting isn't actually the problem. It seems to be more bizarre than that.

Here are few things I just tried (all over USB link):

1. Writing WP's through APM Planner, reading the WP's back the ensure they match, then…"
Jun 22, 2012
Mike posted a discussion
Ever since I upgraded to the v2.40 firmware my APM1 won't save its configuration/flight plan across reboots. I tried manually erasing the EEPROM and resetting to factory defaults, but that didn't seem to help. I noticed at least one other person…
Jun 22, 2012
Mike left a comment for Shaun Bell
"I'm not familiar with DJI products at all, but taking a quick look they are definitely pricey in comparison to your typical DIY setup, but thats expected. I get the feeling you are in this for more than just a hobby? Do you currently have the APM2…"
Jun 22, 2012
Mike left a comment for Mike
"I was surprised too!

I've been flying with APM for just over a year now, and last month I finished building a Skywalker 1900 for long range FPV/autopilot flights. Once the weather around here finally sorts itself out I hope to try for a 20km…"
Jun 19, 2012
Mike commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Successful Raptor Maiden Flight!
"Trent, I have that exact same radio, you may have done it already but the top right switch cuts the throws in half on my setup (default)."
Mar 31, 2012
Mike replied to Kevin's discussion ArduPilot V2.27
"I see the new v2.27 is available for download, but the project News page hasn't been updated with whats new by the looks of things:


Is there somewhere else I can follow to see what has changed?"
Jan 12, 2012
Mike replied to Cuddy's discussion Software altitude limit?
"Fire up Xplane and HIL simulation for its Shuttle model and test out the altitude limits. "
Jan 12, 2012
Mike replied to Alex Roup's discussion Why is there no track-keeping integrator?
"I agree that accurate track following is important. In fact I've made two blog posts detailing my fight with this exact issue:
Nov 23, 2011
Mike commented on Mike's blog post Traversing mountain peaks and valleys...
"Chris: Well the first part of the plan works fine, and its identical to the second part just with different altitudes and around a different waypoint.
I may have been a little misleading, the plane doesn't actually return to launch immediately, it…"
Nov 7, 2011
Mike replied to MB1380's discussion Flying Wing Maiden Loss saved by android!
"Have you tuned the PIDs as per the manual by setting up four waypoints in a perfect square? 
Its likely that your PIDs weren't sufficient enough to fight the wind and judging by the elongated part of the "circles" moving to the north east, my…"
Nov 7, 2011
Mike posted a blog post
In an attempt to make a flight plan that will make it over a mountain peak and land in a valley, I have defined the following plan to command Ardupilot to loiter to a certain high altitude, traverse to another waypoint, then loiter safely down to…
Nov 7, 2011