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Kevin posted a discussion
What happened to ArduPilot V2.27 under the downloads page?  All I see now is V2.26 as the latest?
Jan 2, 2012
Kevin posted a discussion
In X-Plane when flying between way-points in auto mode and after about 20 minutes the autopilot automatically switches into stabilize mode.  Any ideas or suggestions on how I might correct this and if this is something to do with X-Plane and not…
Jan 1, 2012
Kevin commented on diego colonnello's blog post Having a ball with my AP and my new airframe...
Do you do anything to dampen vibrations, and have you noticed any effects on the Arduplane from vibrations? "
Dec 29, 2011
Kevin posted a discussion
In X plane and using v2.23 the green xtrack line shows correct, but the airplane will not follow it.  Instead it continues off track until it ends up having to circle the waypoint because it does not hit it.  Anyone have any ideas?
Dec 25, 2011
Kevin posted a discussion
Whats going on with ArduPlane v2.27?  Why is it automatically downloaded through the firmware tab in APM planner since it is not working properly and v2.26 should be used?  Also, when compiling 2.26 through Arduino, where is the 2.26 HIL version for…
Dec 24, 2011
Kevin posted discussions
Dec 21, 2011
Kevin replied to Kevin's discussion Failure to update firmware
"The APM version is 1.1.9 and first it wont upload the firmware for Arduplane 2.27 and then it also wont reboot when going through APM setup."
Dec 18, 2011
Kevin replied to Ahmed Rehan's discussion ArduPlane V2.27 Alpha not loading
"In APM 1.1.9 when I try to to do APM Setup it tries to reboot and then the connection times out."
Dec 18, 2011
Kevin posted a discussion
Has anyone else experienced a problem updating the firmware today when loading ArduPlane?
Dec 18, 2011
Kevin posted discussions
Dec 16, 2011
Kevin posted a discussion
Does anyone know where a list of the failsafes are and how to disable them?  Also, if a failsafe is initiated can it be turned off through the APM Planner with Xbee?  
Dec 15, 2011