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Survey of robotics startups shows US leading

3689468221?profile=originalTwo-thirds of new robotics startups are in the United States, according to research by the Robot Report

These start-ups appear to be clustering in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley) of California, around Boston, Pittsburgh, Tokyo and Stockholm - all of which correspond with the locations of notable government or university-sponsored robotics research facilities, and in and around New York City. Each of those areas have ongoing entrepreneurial assistance programs for technology projects and provide nurturing and social get-togethers with prospective investors and fellow inventors and roboticists.


Note, however, that this is by no means a comprehensive list due to limited resources by the Robot Report, and may be biased to reflect English-language companies, which may have been easier to find.  Also note that this is just startups: larger companies, such as our own 3D Robotics, have been graduated to the list of established firms (we're in the service robots for personal and private use category). 


Frank Robe, the editor of the Robot Report, acknowledges the limits of the research and invites people to help make the list more complete: 


Many other young robotic companies have pushed beyond the start-up phase into one of our other directory categories shown below. And many more are missing because they are too stealthy to have a web or social media presence just yet or are in a language that is difficult to search and translate. Hence my personal request: if you know of a robotics start-up that isn't included on the map, please send the information to: info@therobotreport.com.

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  • Heh, the tag way up in northern Quebec raised my eyebrows.  I've been up there, there's NOTHING up there but trees, rocks and water.  And bugs.  I had to investigate.  I guess Que Robotics doesn't list a city, just "Quebec", so the tagging software placed a marker in the geographic center of Quebec, but not the population center (within 100 miles of the US border).

  • Everybody on this site is potentially a startup brewing.

  • 3D Robotics

    Dang! They've got almost 70% more Ds. How can we compete??

  • Established but not out of the woods.. there's a 5D Robotics in Carlsbad!

  • That's great! Not surprised though... there is no other country on earth that has such easy access to a plethora of technology and informational resources that we do here in the U.S.

  • Developer

    The list of established firms is interesting to see.  It's good they're upfront about the limits of the reseach especially in the non-speaking countries.  For example the mechatrax company they found in fukuoka doesn't look active to me but on the other hand, I'm sure there are little robotics start-ups brewing here and there in Japan.

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