Swarm of Quads!

Latest Progress from the Folks at the GRASP Lab

Would love to see what flight control algorithm they're using on these things.

Great picture of the infrared lamps, at the end of the video:


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  • They probably just didn't want their video flagged for 3rd party content.  It's YouTube, remember?

    They even flagged my Firefly First Flight video, even though all the music was midi based, and public domain.

  • Distributor

    I want to see them playing space invaders!!!! :) 

  • Ha ha, it is quite impressive.  Notice the distinct lack of safety nets.  Their software is improving.

  • That is very much awesome!  Mybe not so very far in the future we will have this kind of transport......no highways.  Obviously a little bit bigger....LOL

  • Developer

    I'd like to see little mini quads for sale.  With the new APM2 it should be possible to shrink down the total size quite a bit.

  • Curious to know if anyone from grasp labs are on diydrones :)
  • Outstanding. Thanks for posting! When you no longer need the Vicon cams - mount them onto the microquads and you'll have a portable motion capture system ; )

  • Looks great! And expensive... :)

    Though the back left quadrant appeared to lift a bit more. Interesting on what platform kmel is using for their microquads--Astec was coming out with more logic on their flight boards to eventually delete the need for a vicon system, though I sure this is still ground station controlled.

  • very impressive!!

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