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Swarming Solos over Berkeley

Just a teaser from this week's 3DR hackathon: swarming Solos running ROS doing and autonomous lightshows in the skies over Berkeley. You can script the geometries (circles, with moving center points and radius, and any other shapes) and the AI allocates the drones accordingly to populate the shapes and avoid each other. Much more soon!

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  • Hey Chris, 

    We are doing similar and we just bought a few Solo's to do this but it turns out the MAV IDs on the Solo are hardcoded. We raised an issue on github but they say it would require major re-write of the system and 3DR wont support us on that. What are your thoughts on this? Why would the MAV IDs be hard coded? SOLO is supposed to be developer friendly, is it not? It would be great if you could put us in touch with the guys who did the above? Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated. 

  • Hi Chris,

    That is very nice. Since Professor Kumar I did not saw a good swarm performing that.

    Last year we did some distributed algorithm to coordinate swarm of UAV on outdoor enviroments. We emulated the hardware, but would be wounderfull run these for real. (eg: https://youtu.be/3phH-5e7l9c)

    Would Solo SDK have some retrocompatibility with the affordable APM? We have PhD candidates interested in research swarm of UAVs.


    Bruno Olivieri, PhD candidate

  • Very cool. I am interested to see what else came out of the hackathon.

  • 3D Robotics

    They are aware of the presence of the other drones in the swarm. All handled by the Solo SDK and ROS swarm controller.

  • Wow!

    Are they aware of the presence and proximity of other UAV? By sensor or ADS-B?


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