Tried just for fun to start and land with my Wingcopter in the forest :)
Here is the onboard video:

To see the whole VTOL here one picture:


It is the first Wingcopter of our serial production. The tilt arms are redesigned and more stable than at the earlier version. On our website there are some more pictures of the new one:



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  • Can i Get all the specifications of this aircraft ? 

  • Jonathan and IIya,   I'd be interested in what you thought of a tricopter configuration.  Seems like this would allow efficient forward tilt for the motors, with good alignment of the force.

    (apologies for the crude drawing: the rear motor would swivel forward like the other motors)   3692893377?profile=original

  • Hey Jonathan, I pinged you at the wingcopter email address but it might be dead. Are you guys selling these? Seems like it'd be great for remote areas (where I like to fly)
  • @ Jonathan Hesselbarth

    It'll be simply wunderbar! :-) I'm already saving my money, since ordering one for Brazil will be quite expensive. Best regards.

  • It would be great if you share the code. I'm also working on a tilt-rotor and I think it would be awesome if Arducopter could start having tiltrotor support. I was going to hack the Arducopter code myself, but would rather not reinvent the wheel. It would make much more sense to contribute to an existing project.

  • Not yet, but we are working on to let it fly completely autonomous.

  • T3

    Is it capable of autonomous take off and landing as a copter, with its flown mission as a plane?

  • The wingcopter should be able to carry a 10.000 mAh lipo if it isn´t heavier than 800g. The horizontal flight time is calculated by this measured data on this site at the bottom. The air speed there was very low, maybe around 10m/s.

  • Is your 20 min horizontal flight times at a certain speed? Can you carry 10,000 mAhr?  I think this thing has a lot possibilities.  

  • @John M. Smith
    The wingcopter is very easy to fly. Like a normal quadrocopter in stable mode. In plane mode it is also easy. Maybe a little bit more difficult like normal weekend planes. It is because you need to fly with the yaw stick too. Otherwise the curves will looking strange :)
    If there is an huge interest in such aircraft, we are also interested to bring it into mass production, sure!

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