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    Hastala vista... baby. Well creepy or not they are doing great job and having all nice gizmos at their lab. I really wonder why is their annual budget of creating these :)

  • I dont't know either what the Blue led strings are about, It almost looks like they come on when he is about to make a move........But either way, they do add a sort of "people walking through a post apocalyptic world, and a supposed long dead Robot comes to life" feel!

    Think about it, whenever your watching a movie, and people are sneaking through an area of de-activated Robots.....They always light up before performing an action. (action = dismembering the guy with a Red shirt!)

  • I wonder what they are using for markers for the Vicon implementation (if being used in real time)... cause I don't see any, and can be just a playback from recording w/markers.
  • This is the T100.

  • Just 13 years ago, ASIMO just barely managed 2mph of walking, but it is just a Vicon baby.

  • What's with the blue led strings that seen to be pulsing in it's core unit? I hope they don't do red. Are they just for show ?

  • Hahaha.

    It won't get far without that motion capture environment. 

    That's pretty amazing. 

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        Creepy is exactly right.  Horrendous.  Terminator is just around the corner.

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