X-UAV Talon Unboxing Video NOW LIVE



Our first small batch of Talon UAV aircraft have arrived!  Unpacked the first one, (naturally that will be my very own) and must say i am so far impressed with what I see. I think this is going to kick the Skywalker's @ss!


Checked the net, and found only a russian version of the unboxing video. Thinking about making an English version if there is enough demand. So how about it, think you can put up with my South African, Afrikaans accent? perhaps we will move on to a flying and tuning video as well, who knows...


For now, here are a few pics to keep you interested...

3689554273?profile=original3689554176?profile=original3689554285?profile=originalUnboxing Video complete.



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  • Moderator

    I'm also interested in buying these wholesale, but I don't know where to start.

  • http://diydrones.ning.com/group/x-uav-talon

    Hi people, can we all migrate Talon questions to the above group?

    Please :-)

  • I'm a bit confused now.........

    I'm running my returned/measured results against ecalc, and ecalc returns way BELOW measured performance ????

    Measured, Talon will fly @ half throttle for just more than an hour, ecalc shows 35 min for mixed flight time ?

    Does that mean a final distance reached ?

    Surely the slower you fly, up to a point, the less energy is wasted against drag ?

    Hopefully next weekend I'll have a ground crew to help me with the computer side of things.

  • Well, I flew my Talon earlier today.

    3S, 12000mAh, Turnigy 3548, 950 Kv, APM 2.5, 3DR 900 MHz telemetry.

    Was alone first flight, hand launch at full throttle, some up-trim.

    Long story short, much more confidence at launch than my X8 wing.

    Much better hand grip.

    Also, better climb out.

    X8 flies faster, but then begins to wing tip flutter.

    Talon no flutter even in vertical dive.

    Talon rolls better, smaller loops, I know, nothing to do with auto flight.

    Even with the short couple rudder/elevator, there is a pleasant amount of rudder control, so, not entirely "yank and bank .

    It tracks nicely, almost independently of speed.

    Landing is a no_brainer on grass.

    I had in stab for a while, it dropped the throttle a bit, not sure why.  

    Watch this space next weekend for auto mission..........    

  • MR60

    Where can you purchase a talon in Europe?

  • Thank you for all the kind words. Will get started on the build video hopefully soon...(Time allowing, silly season is starting here in the shop)

  • 100KM

    Thanks for that video Wessie! Very well done and thorough. Break the build vid into two parts at least, so we don't have to wait so long :D

  • I own the new skysurfer x8 from x-uav and let me tell you the design is done really well


    See the improvement pictures from the normal design (bixler 1.1 essentially). I can now hide my huge ESC just behind the wings.

  • It looks very short coupled, but I guess that's why we have stabilization.

  • Still like the look of the RVjet over this, I'm afraid.

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