X-UAV Talon Unboxing Video NOW LIVE



Our first small batch of Talon UAV aircraft have arrived!  Unpacked the first one, (naturally that will be my very own) and must say i am so far impressed with what I see. I think this is going to kick the Skywalker's @ss!


Checked the net, and found only a russian version of the unboxing video. Thinking about making an English version if there is enough demand. So how about it, think you can put up with my South African, Afrikaans accent? perhaps we will move on to a flying and tuning video as well, who knows...


For now, here are a few pics to keep you interested...

3689554273?profile=original3689554176?profile=original3689554285?profile=originalUnboxing Video complete.



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  • just watched the video ,,nicely done . look forward to build video .

    could you give the surrguested motor , esc etc


  • Link to the unboxing video

  • When you do the build video......

    The nose wheel fitting is a bit oversize.

    I removed the wheel and sanded the for and aft edges at the top down, until the fitting slid easily into it's slots.

    The top still is too wide, preventing the body halves from closing properly.

    I used a soldering iron at a lowish setting, and carefully "shrunk" the epo down, until the two body halves fitted snugly.

    Another tip I might add, build the ply spacer/wing slot completely square, and the fit either a ply or balsa "floor", makes a perfect box for the lightweight electronics.

    Pictures to follow.


  • Its all LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! here for the Talon unboxing video!
    Now where has my stunt double gone now??


  • 100KM

    Wessie I was wondering why your X8 is no longer on show..!

  • Moderator

    I am with you on that Wessie, I stuffed my X5 vertically from about 70-80 metres at full power into the field after the GPS failed, My wifes face was a picture when it actually bounced 10 feet in the air and carried on flying ! It did take some damage to the engine mount and the telemetry radio but EVERYTHING else is OK and its going to fly again. 

    I have 12 built up planes, NONE would have survived that impact. 

    Foam is great. 

  • @Alex

    A little while ago I flew my FOAM skywalker X8 too far. WAY too far, and into the sunset. I lost orientation, banked the wrong way , and smashed her into the ground so hard that it destroyed my GoPro, and folded a huge 4S Lipo in half. Not too much damage to the airframe apart from splitting open at the seams. I Put everything in the car, and I am busy gluing it all back together now. For sure she will fly again  - soon.  I would love to see any balsa , glass, or carbon ship that would be repairable, never mind flyable after a crash like that. So you don't like foam, that's your choice, but it definitely has its place, dont knock it.

  • Foam is foam .ugly design

  • No particular reason Mark, we just had one lying around after a "mishap" with a Skywalker, so it was a case of "Tag, you are it" until we decide it needs changing. I intend putting an  APC 12 x 8E  on my one, then we will see if there are any major performance differences.

  • Hi Wessie,  beside's great ground clearance on landing and a strong preference for retaining much of your arm attached to your body when launching, why a 3 blade prop? I would have thought a large two blade would be a great advantage given you have no boom clearance issues?


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