Tarot T810 build log


I have been searching high and low for a good affordable large hexa system, with the main objective to lift 500gr (camera, FPV transmitter, etc) for as long as possible, and have the video stabilized. 

The S800 looked ok, but due to some issues around the boom flexibility and cost, I ditched that idea. The Carbon Core, Steadidrone H6X also looked very nice, but once again cost played a big role.

So, I stumbled across the Tarot T810, for $330 I got the frame. I needed to add some extras for folding landing gear (not retract) and the camera rail mount which was not included.

I'm doing a build log to not only "hopefully" help someone out there, but also have a place to get some input from the community in getting the max flight time. The Hexa will be used for local security missions and possibly also help in the Rhino Poaching crises we're facing in South Africa.

My system:

  • Tarot T810 Frame
  • Sunnysky 4112S 400kv
  • 40 Turnigy Plush
  • 15X4.7" props
  • APM (of course!) - Looking forward to a maiden flight on AC3rc6
  • Martinez gimbal controller
  • Brushless Gimbal
  • Gens Ace 6S 5500Mah X 2
  • Estimated AUW including gimbal and camera - 5.3kg

The frame went together nicely, only issue I had was the hole in one of the landing gear braces was skew, I just drilled it straight with a bigger drill bit.

Here is a view of the frame in it's folded position. It folds nice and small - about 900mm in length


Here are the motors I'm planning to use, hopefully I get my flight time. Powerrrr! Notice the ESC mounting plates under the motor mount.


I like the prop attachment.


I also like the way the booms lock in place with a dovetail clamp, very secure.


Here is a shot of the little power distribution "lugs" - I just soldered all the power wires in place with huge amounts of solder.


I'm planning to install the ESC's under the motors, I have read about some scare stories on RCGroups about this idea, but I have never personally had problems with this.

I am however a little concerned about the wire gauge for power - using 16AWG to the motors and 12AWG to the battery. I'll do a full power test to see if they heat up, and by how much. 

I'm wating for my ESC's to arrive, and will continue the log once they're here!

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  • Anyone tried to run the motor wires through the mount plate holes with success? I see in the pictures you have them sideways to keep them from bending/fraying at the point of contact. 

  • Just as a follow-up, I tried the FoxTech 2.5mm to 3mm shims.  They do make the propellers fit tighter, but still not a perfect fit for the 2.5mm screws.  The slop along the length of the propeller seems to be gone, which is the point (avoid imbalance).  There is still some rotational slop, so I turned each propeller against the screws (in the direction the motor) would before tightening.

    It was annoying that my package contained 11 shims (of 12 needed) plus a curled shard from the cutting machine.   Including one or more spares would have avoided this shortage.  But I suppose even using one shim per prop would center the prop lengthwise (balance being the objective).  I'll probably lose some shims every time I remove the props (as in, for travel). I'll either glue them in place (glue may not survive long) or consider re-tapping pairs of holes in the FoxTech 5008 motors for 3mm screws (the right size for 1755 MkII prop) and then shelve the shims.  The new V2 of this motor does have 3mm prop mounting holes.

  • Oh, This is good.

    Thanks man

    I was totally confused. Good job to FoxTech for following up on their customers. Looks like they care.

  • William, the strange package from Ms Huang might be shims from FoxTechFPV.  They sent me a set for the 5008 motors.  Explanation by email was:

    The adapters is for the propeller  .  
     The screw 's diameter of the motor is 2.5 mm but the hole's diameter of propellers is 3mm.
     The adapters will make  sure your propeller fix tightly on the mortor.
    Since I bought mine, they have apparently changed the motor design so it uses 3mm screws, avoiding the need for the shims.
  • hi ive got two 6000 6s on now at 1100g each the additional weight does not increase the flight time by much

    as it pulls 55amps in the hover but adding another battery increases this to 66amps which gives me an additional 2.7mins  for adding 1.1kg  6000amps .

     I was more trying to find more economical motors keeping my carbon fiber 15x5.5 props but not shure which

    cheer stuart

  •  If you like what you have why not just buy higher ma batteries

  • 3692915460?profile=originalhi would any kind sole try help me get more flight time with this beast

    weight 6.3kg

    multistar 4112 400 kv motors 15x5.5 props

    2x6000mah 25c turnigy nano  lipos

    im getting 13 mins at a push would changing the motors for 4114 320 kva improve flight time with same props

    any help apreciated


  •   You will find most high end Ap guys have very good balanced motor's and props.

    You see a lot of the AXI motors, some even have a third bearing.

    Thats where it is at for what ever gimbal you put on it.

    It has to be vibration free first.

    I am also interested in gimbals so it will be interesting to see what you come up with.

  • Greg, I appreciate all the suggestions.  Although I have my concerns about dealing with Chinese retailers from abroad, I may end up purchasing the T810.  It isn't so big that I can't fold it up and transport it.  I'm also interested in the Tarot 5D2 gimbal.  I have requested an answer to my question with FoxTechFPV about the maximum weight the gimbal can deal with along with the dimensions of the carriage.  

  • LOL... the best gift is a gift with no purpose :)

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