According to a new report, the 25-member drone task force will recommend mandatory drone registration be “simple and free” and be required for all drones that weigh more than nine ounces.

The task force will recommend users register by entering their name and address into a government-run website or mobile application.

Users will also have to attach a “legible” registration number to their drone.


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    To combat the rapid spread of a potentially disruptive technology in 2015, the FAA is considering implementing methods from the 1980s, using the honor system. I blame Wal-Mart.
  • Using this chart from July of 2015:


    It seems the majority of this issue could be resolved by having the manufacturer of said RTF UAV pre-register the aircraft with appropriate registration markings.

  • Does anyone think that if a user is planning to try to get that great shot of a 747 landing at an airport is going to put a number on their quad so that they can trace it back to them? This UAS registration is just going to keep the honest people honest. 

    The first time an honest person has a oops... and the UAS is recovered, the FAA will make that person an example so that they can prove that the registration and number on the aircraft works and is the answer to all the issues the ignorant people are causing.

    (This is just my opinion, I have been a R/C hobbyist for 25 yrs and a Professional UAS pilot for 10.) 

  • These are just the details the media has uncovered at this point. I agree it doesn't do much to prevent reckless flying, but they've vowed to include some educational aspects to this process. Let's wait and see.

  • Good: 




    Does nothing about user education

    Over reach by government to register toys.

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