techpod1.0 ready to ship


Here is what you get


including :

EPP wings and tail , carbon fiber tail boom , CF wing spars , CF joiner , CF tail spars , CNC cut aircraft grade plywood , polycarbonate front and rear lids , 1/4 turn fastener for front lid , acrylic camera dome , ABS molded engine cowl , all push rods , control horns , balsa sheeting and stock , all needed screws and assorted hardware .

Not included but recommended running gear

motor : E-flight power 10 brushless in runner

ESC : castle creation thunderbird-54

Batteries : thunderpower pro light v2 3S 2600 mah x2 wired parallel

servos : 2x hitec HS-81 (elevator,rudder) 2x hitec HS-55(2x ailerons) 2x HS-5055mg (pan,tilt)

TX & RX Spectrum DX-7

Prop : APC E11x7

camera : CCD Killer Camera Micro NTSC Camera

as of this posting there are only 4 left from this run . the material for 20 more is on the way . will be available in approximately 2 weeks

for the latest news check http://evuas.com

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  • ah ok cant wait too see it
  • 100KM
    making the 1.1 version
  • wayne where have you been havent seen any activity from you since october 1st
  • 100KM
    techpod1.0 instructions can be had here

    @ james
    good aerodynamic eye . yes that is a area that can be cleaned up somewhat . I plane on addressing this in later revs .

    @ Chris
    sorry a bit busy . ill get you something today .
  • Never got an e-mail from you. Good luck with your product! I may just have to buy one and give it a go!
  • Looks like a great little bird you have there. It would be nice to see a more aerodynamic backend though. I'm sure flight times would increase quite a bit with a bit more work on it.
  • 100KM
    @ ground loop
    a few people for DIYD have picked up my airplane . I hope one writes about it here . also check evuas.com for build blogs as well . I will be offering a epp bodied version soon . Getting a cnc foam cutter together right now . I have several Ardupilots and will be integrating the two , and will share the setup files for it . we have plans to offer an ARF + aurdopilot ready to fly out of the box as well.

    @ anthony
    I built a home made vacuum former . google "how to make vacuum former" and you'll find a a lot of info . fairly simple really . i get my plastics from Tap plastics locally
  • Hey, i dont mean to take any sales away from u, well i dont have the money to buy a TechPOd anyways but still..
    I was wondering how and or where u get your plastic materials from?
    Do u shape them or do u get it shaped by a dealer?
    Im am interested purely for my school project! =D
  • So did anyone on diydrones pick one of these up? Is there a build thread anywhere I can follow? I'm curious to read real-world reviews.

    I really like the idea of a heavier-payload pusher design with ailerons, and a nose pod designed for FPV. I'm a bit leery of all the lite ply framework, but if it can land slow and easy, maybe I could make it last.

    45min flight time would be sweet. It's not clear from the pictures how the internal space is laid out, or how an Ardupilot/IMU+/Thermopiles would mesh with it.
  • 100KM
    4000 mah 3S lipos will get you about 45 minutes , it can carry twice that .
    @ julian
    $175 US
    @ austin
    apperently there was an error in that link , I fixed it .
    @ Chris
    I will email you .
This reply was deleted.