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  • Are they using a proprietary motor control system?

  • beautifull :)

  • @ Jack - not so sure about that. Those robots are $4K apiece!

  • I had seen the "micro-drone swarm" video before (we actually played it for journos at the annual conference for the National Institute for Computer Assisted Reporting, NICAR), but this is a great expansion on the math behind the swarm and also the practical applications. Sharing this.

  • The build mapping was really awesome. It would be great if they had also captured images and used them for the textures of the finished model

  • i loved the part with the building being maped by the quad, just amazing

  • DUDE!!! THAT IS AWESOME!! I love that music at the end!

  • Most likely a bit over his head, but for the gentleman at forbes.

  • The louder the applause, the less it pays.

  • Brilliant! I love the ending...

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