Telemetry testing

I spent some time on the software for the ground control station lately and did some telemetry flights with my UAV Flying Wing.Nothing special but I thought I'll post this anyway so people know that I'm still alive. The software is a work in progress and I'll post some information about it later.Ground control station- XBee Pro (RP-SMA)- Duck Antenna (RP-SMA)- XBee USB adapterIn flight- Arduino Mega microcontroller- DIY shield for the Arduino- GPS module EM-406A- XBee Pro with wire antenna- XBee Pro adapterThe XBee modules I'm using for the tests are surprisingly easy to setup and use. They act just like a regular serial interface and I'm using my SimpleSerialization library for the Arduino to transfer the telemetry data.


For visualizing the data in GoogleEarth I'm using the KMLProvider of my UAV Playground project.


The next step will be the integration of the IMU, but I haven't decided yet which one I'm going to use.
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    @Michael if your willing to design and cut wings for $30 shipped I'll have one!
  • @Michael - what sources do you suggest for ordering foam cores?
  • Bryan, love the design. Are the wings foam?

    Jaron, 48'' and 60'' are the most common sizes for wings. i would prefer 60'', Foam/balsa hybrid, and a fuselage with removable hot-wire foam cut wings. Build time would be incredibly fast. Build the fuselage, glue carbon spar, and install gear,fly. The foam core's could be ordered for those that do not know how to for less than $20-30 shipped.

    Heres more on Bryan's wing.
  • Gary, winter has hit me here in Switzerland, so if South Africa is where you are flying during the winter time, I'll build it for you there.

    Curt, I'm currently "thinking" of a predecessor and have done some calculations and rough drawings. It'll have more wing span but I haven't decided how much yet.
  • Jaron,
    Nice to see progress on the UAV wing! I have been flying your design for quite a while now (flies wonderful) and just recently needed to switch platforms for my UAV (to a larger wing) as I needed to lift quite a bit more equipment into the air, and making a mount for a front shooting camera (for my camera anyways) on your wing would have ruined the sleek lines.
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    I have also really enjoyed UAVplayground and should really have made one of your wings, I bought all the materials but just have not had the time!!
  • You're welcome Bryan.

    It'll be interesting to see the difference in flight characteristics between your flying wing and the KFm airfoiled UAV Flying Wing.
  • Jaron,
    Just wanted to let you know you were the original inspiration for my tailless design. I've also learned a lot using your UAVplayground

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