This is some footage shot with the second version of the thermal imaging camera which I tested earlier on (http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/testing-a-small-thermal-imaging-camera).

The second version of the camera features a better resolution, an OSD to adjust parameters such as brightness & gain and the possibility to show the picture in false-color.

The camera is very light and small - ideal for UAV applications.
I am planning to shoot some in-flight footage (mounted on my copter) during the next week.

Shot with the 15mm lens:

Technical Details:

Type: (ULIS) Un-cooled FPA micro-bolometer A-Si

Array Size (resolution): 640x480

Spectral Range: 8~14um

NETD: ≤80mk@25℃

Full Frame Rate: 50Hz (PAL)

Power consumption: @12V 200mA

Dimensions without lens:

62mm x 48mm x 48mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 180g

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  • That would be really nice. I have not gotten my transmitter yet but it should come any day now so I can start testing.
     So any details you could share will be appriciated :) I sent friend request to you. (Do not want to take over the comment section with off topic stuff)

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    Yes. you can connect a video transmitter to the AV Out on the Raspberry Pi.   It's actually pretty simple to do.  I hacked my own cable, but it wasn't very hard.  I'd be happy to share the details with you.  

  • Bill I am curious if you managed to connect a analog video transmitter to the raspberry via the AV out? I am thinking of doing something similar myself.

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    If anyone is interested, I managed to get the SEEK THERMAL camera to stream via WiFi using a Raspberry Pi 2.  I'm next going to try to see if I can connect an analog video transmitter to it for IR FPV.  (The Pi has an AV out on it). 

    This would be the only sub $500 solution for IR FPV that I have seen.  On the Pi it can also record to an SD card.  

    I'm scaling the 204x156 image up to 640x480.

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  • We apparently have different definitions of 'ranged'.
  • Hope a better company takes them on.

    You should probably read the thread before you post...


  • Yeah, their registration process is cumbersome.

    Hope a better company takes them on.
    Want to see decent ranged thermals come down in price this coming year.
  • Having to register to see anything is a bit of a crock. Looks like they selling hobby grade way overpriced.

  • Hi Euan,

    For a more hobbyist oriented solution Check out the SEEK in this previous Blog Post:


    The SEEK has 206x156 resolution which is remarkably high for such a cheap thermal camera (way better than the 80x60 of the FLIR ONE).

    And only $200.00

    Best regards,


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