Testing a small thermal imaging camera

I got my hands on a small thermal imaging camera for testing purposes.

I installed it on my hexacopter and took it out for a flight this evening.

Ttechnical data:

resolution: 384 x 288

50 Hz

8 - 14 um spectral range

analog video out

uncooled sensor

I am looking forward to test the new model (second version), which has double the resolution and false-color

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  • Felix---I was just suggesting that you try it on the video (an unsharp mask filter).

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    @ David - currently I don't have a video of the panels during day time, but I know of this area of application.

    I am waiting for the new model of the camera to arrive. It will be able to show the thermal image in false-color, thereby making it easier to differ between different temperatures.

    I am planning to do such a test - I'll post the results.

  • @ Felix, do you have any video of the panels during the day? I know a company is interested in looking at solar panels with thermal vision to detect hot spots or malfunctioning panels.

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    @ David - it was evening time, the air was getting cold. The sun stood low, not shining any more on the PV panels. The panels are covered with glass which did cool down, reaching a lower temperature than the surrounding roof (wooden roof with tar paper)

    @ Matthew - the video is a direct recording of the analog camera video out. No processing (except cutting the original footage) or anything. But you can use any video processing software to try and improve the quality of the footage.

  • Why do the PV panels show up as black?

  • Is there any way to process the video with an unsharp mask filter?

  • (Damn no edit function) I don't think it is a smart idea to have a log in to see the products. Hiding the pricing I am fine with. On the internet we all want information or products if you hide yours behind a log in most people will pass it by. Lure me in with pretty pictures and information and you may be able to lure me in, but if you place your hook under a rock don't expect to catch me.

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  • Any supplier who requires you to register to see the price is basically looking to rip you off for as much as they think they can get out of you, otherwise they would just say the price.

  • You can obtain the full frame rate version of the camera for civil use, you have to apply for an ITAR license.

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