Thanks to Edge Research Lab for the HackHD


We're obliged to the chaps at Edge Research Lab for sending over a HackHD camera for use on our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) mission. We haven't got it into the air yet for a test, but the guys at Edge have used it for various flights and say it works perfectly. Let's face it, it must be better than our stroppy GoPro 3. More here.

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  • @Edge Research Lab: Your review about this particular matter will be very welcome. Thanks in advance.

  • @Nuno, the hot mirror filter is attached to the back of the lens (not over the sensor), so achieving NIR/NDVI is very doable.  In fact, we commissioned a custom lens with an IR pass filter (visible block - looks like a mirror) and it works great for spotting irrigated fields from our balloons... here's a visible shot:

    3701736647?profile=originalAnd here's the same view through the custom lens - we mounted two HHDs side by side for comparison, there's some misalignment, but it's close.  The fields are clearly visible:

    3701736960?profile=originalHave been meaning to do a blog post on this for a while, as I know there's a lot of interest in NDVI here... hopefully soon I'll get all of the details written up properly.

  • Thanks Swift!

    I kinda suspected it must be the case. Although on GoPro 3 sensor is on a separate board and I hoped GoPro would make it and option to separate lens from the body, but I guess it's not gonna happen within next century.

  • This could be coull to make NDVI, if it has any filter probably will be easy to remove and put the filter we want.

    can anyone say if it's possible

  • Great camera! Although tech specs are lower than of GP3 white, a $199 camera.

    It would be nice if image sensor with the lens can be a separate unit, so it can be installed in any orientation in more aerodynamic fashion.

    Overall dimensions are greater than GP3. So far no GoPro alternative on the market, I wish there was.

  • T3

    Wow, perfect alternative to a gopro. It would be easy to interface with APM. Thanks for the post

  • Hopefully your lohan isn't on drugs like other lohans.  Seriously though, that's a powerful little camera, especially video out and edge storage.

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