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  • Scott : Yes

  • Are those MiG 29s in the background??

  • good work Ahmed keep going on,,,

  • If you have real product then why u need to photoshopped it... you can took its picture anytime when the product is standing alone... another observation: in background i saw standing mig 29 and Pakistan Airforce doesnt operate these kind of aircraft as u mention you location is lahore. 

  • Ahhhh, okay.  Now I understand why the original image seemed so odd.  You removed the people and filled in the background!


    That's a big ship!  Very nice.  Do you have any onboard video (like FPV, etc) that you could show?

  • All Photoshop experts3692263772?profile=original i am attaching the original photo from which photo was edited.

  • "With than 100 Searcher IIs being operated by the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy, one of these was shot down over Kasur, Pakistan (near the Indian border) by a Pakistan Air Force F-16 in 2003"



    it's predecessor was the pioneer, which was developed in the 80's, it's one of the first conventional and operational UAVs in the world. operated primarily by the US. and before that, there was the the IAI Scout. (70's)

    Now, my point is that they all look alike, they were all  built by the IAI, and no other UAVs looked the same at that time.

    hence one can assume that every other UAV that was built after that was based upon these models.

  • Hmmm... point taken..

  • Azam,

    I'm willing to wager the People of Pakistan and Palistine have - shall we say - a Technology transfer program.


    G. Marom

    No one rushes to announce when their RC, er UAV drops out of the sky;

    Instead, the local cargo cult find manna from heaven, and in some cases makes the international press.

    BTW - I found yet anouther UAV with this form factor (Pencil eraser).


  • btw, i don't recall any "mission failure" over "occupied" territories...

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