The drone explorer: Breathtaking footage of Alaska's ice caves captured by quadcopter

The ice caves of Alaska are virtually impenetrable for most explorers - but for a drone,  they are easy to get in (and out) of.

A team of filmmakers took their quadcopter to a remote series of caves to create this incredible footage of the area rarely seen by humans.

The team was able to fly through channels in the ice to gain entry to caves, and fly high above the breathtaking terrain to show the scales of the ice caves.

Full article here: Drone Explorer

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Comment by Mike Bristol on April 5, 2014 at 2:25pm

Ahh the Mendenhall Glacier. This is where is live and work. Heard through the grapevine that they also received a letter of correction from the FAA.  Barely even constitutes a slap on the wrist but we are on their radar, especially when you are flying only a couple miles away from the FSDO.  What got them was flying above 500 feet through an areas they is a HEAVY traffic area for helicopters and planes coming from or going through the Juneau Ice Field.


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